Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wiring and rear parcel shelf...

Damian had a few wiring tasks to attend to, so he thought he would get them out of the way before Scottie was down, as that way they wouldn't be in each other's way quite so much...

The lights, UHF radio, air horns etc are all nicely wired in from the Accessories plug on the ignition, however Damian was a bit concerned that the amount of current being drawn through there may be detrimental to the ignition over time, perhaps even resulting in a fire... So, Damian decided the best way to avoid this scenario was to replace the direct line from the Accessories plug to the fuse box with a line to a relay, with power drawn straight from the battery using 6mm wire!

He also took the opportunity to replace the two screws that were holder earth wires with a pair of bolted in earth bolts, each being fed directly from the battery also using 6mm wire... this should resolve the earthing issues that were experienced the previous week!

Still a bit of tidying to be done on those wires!!

Moving along though, and Damian decided to use power tools unsupervised, and used the jig-saw (and the orbital sander) to cut out and sand a replacement rear parcel shelf. The rear speakers will be attached to this...

And with a lick of paint, it looks awesome already!!

Believe it or not, that little amount of work took quite a lot of time - this is the stage that Booger Mobile is at - there are only a few items left to be resolved for rego, and a heap of little fiddly things that are very time consuming...

Booger Mobile *will* be registered soon!! The boys guarantee it!

1 comment:

    What a fantastic job Damian has done on the wiring, it wasn't that long ago that the Booger Mobiles wiring looked like a big tangled mess, but with his now great expertise, Damian has amazingly managed to organize every piece of wiring in it right place, all neat and tidy.With so many extra led lights on Booger it was no easy task.Well done Damian.
    Well not long now and the dream will be completed, the Booger Mobile be registered and with Damian and Scottie all rearing to go on the great "CAMP QUALITY " esCarpade 2010
    Doing it for the kids.
    PS. Great pictures as always