Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Pre-Rego - the saga continues...

Well, Wednesday is a very strange day for anything to be happening with Booger Mobile, isn't it? Damian usually works in Brisbane on a Wednesday, but it's the Ekka Public Holiday in Brisbane, so Damian decided to work on Booger Mobile. The original plan was to put the seat in, take Booger Mobile for it's Safety Certificate, then to Qld Transport for registration.

Let's see how he went!!

First up - Damian went to install the back seat and realised that there were a couple of little fling-flangs that hide cables and stuff that hadn't been reinstalled... He painted those black...

Then installed them. This is the passenger side one! The little tabs that fold up to hold it in place were previously in the way of installing the seat, which is what reminded Damian that they were still to be attached!!

Next task was to identify the correct size bolts for the seat belts - and after much trial and error, it was determined that they were actually 7/16" UNF bolts, as per the FIRST ONES THAT WERE TRIED!! Turns out that there was so much gunge in the mount hole that they wouldn't bolt in properly... gunge removed, bolt sorted!!

Next task was for Damian to work out which belts were going where... choices, choices!!

Once that was done, it was time to push a large nail up through the mounting hole from underneath so that the correct location could be found in the carpet, then carefully using a sharp knife, cut the carpet and underlay so the bolts can be attached from the inside of Booger Mobile!!

Note: Damian doesn't have a green pom-pom in his hair - it's hanging from the rear coat hook - it was made by Scottie's daughter Tahlia.

Seat belts all bolted in!!

Damian went and purchased a bench seat seatcover to match the front seat covers... Let's see if it fits better than the front one!! Here's the back of the back seat...

And the cover fits perfectly!! Miracles will never cease!!

Damian attempted to install the back part of the back seat, and realised that the nice, new speakers were in the way...

He went to Autobarn at Morayfield (where he and Scottie have spent a large amount of time), and they were nice enough to loan Damian a special tool that allowed him to use his cordless drill as a screwdriver, but on a 90 degree angle to fit between the window and the speaker...

The photo below shows the issue being faced...

Damian also noticed that there was a little bit of original paint showing through when the seat was installed, so out came the trusty can of black spray paint again!!

After much trial and error, the back part of the seat was installed and the speakers were happily co-existing!!

Looking the goods now!!

Damian returned the special tool to Autobarn and moved onto the bottom part of the rear seat.

Does the cover fit as well as it did for the back part of the seat???? NO, of course not!!

Out came the grey upholstery paint, which has come in very handy, and the exposed bits were given a bit of a touch up!

That's better!!

And this is how the bottom part of the rear seat looked once it was all tied down tightly!

And installed...

Looking through from the passenger side...

Looking across the back seat...

Looking through from the driver's side... Don't the painted headrests look awesome?

And of course, a self portrait showing the seats!!

So, did Booger Mobile get registered today? Sadly, no. By the time Damian had resolved all the issues that had arisen, it was 5:30pm.

The boys need Booger Mobile registered in time to drive to the Corvette Club car show down the Gold Coast on 22 August... Damian's starting to get nervous!!

Nine weeks and one day until the boys head down to Tamworth for the esCarpade!!


  1. WOO HOO Today's the day Damian plans to take Booger Mobile for the safety certificate and then registration, after a few minor tasks to be finished first,installing the back seat for one.
    But the best made plans don 't always go to plan.
    Just another one of the ongoing sagas for the Booger Mobile.
    The first problem was was with installing the seat belts,but nothing deters Damian from getting this task finished,yucky gunge and all.
    Well done with the fitting of the seat belts Damian they look perfect,and the green pom pom in your hair looks real cute "ROFL"
    Good choose with the back seat covers they look fantastic.
    But then there is the problem the back part of the back seat won't fit because of where the new speakers are installed.As always Damian managed to solve this problem, but it took a lot of time sorting it all out but sort it out he did.
    Booger Mobile now has a beautiful interior with a lick of paint here and there new seat belts and those perfect seat covers what more could the Booger Mobile ask for.
    Excellence work Damian,and don't worry I m sure you will have Booger registered well before the Corvette Clubs car show.
    Great pictures as always.
    Thank you Damian.

  2. Well done boys for completing it. Been following it for months and the pictures are fab! Good luck to Team Booger Mobile x
    Liz Ekici - Yorkshire, England