Saturday, 9 October 2010

Booger's head is finished!!

The time is drawing closer to esCarpade, and still Booger's head wasn't complete, so Damian thought he should get to it!! The photos below are from a couple of days in a row - all up around 20 hours were spent on Booger's head!! Damian's hands are full of holes from bits of wire poking through, and blisters from pulling the fishing line tight to stitch the thick shade cloth onto the awesome frame that Scottie built.

The end results... well, you'll have to read on to see!!

First step - grab the frame and some shade cloth and throw one over the other... since the shade cloth is more flexible than the metal frame, Damian decided it should be the one thrown over!!

After some poking and prodding, it was decided that stitching the side of the nose and around the bottom of the first nostril was the best way to go.

Once that was done, the shade cloth could be stretched tightly over the back of the frame...

Then stitched along the underside... and one side is now complete(ish)!!

Here's a shot from inside Booger's head... First step for this part was to again stitch down the side of Booger's nose - this is done from inside the head! As you can see, there is a gap at the top (near the hanging wires from the amber rotater) - this would prove challenging to fill!!

Damian decided that to stretch the shade cloth up to fill the gap, then deal with any other issues, would be the best way to travel!

In the shot below, you can see that the side of Booger's nose (on the right as you look at the picture) has been stitched, and the gap is closed. Damian is now stretching and clamping the shade cloth.

And stitching closed the gap - which is underneath the mount for the amber rotator!! Nothing's ever easy!!

Here it is from a different angle.

Starting to look much neater now!!

Looks a bit like a witch's nose at this stage - need to sew that down later!!

And special guest Strudel has a turn at picking Booger's nose...

Damian was watching the needle to make sure his fingers were safe, and accidentally skewered his thumb on a bit of tie-wire... again, bleeding for Booger Mobile!!

Last but not least, the bit below Booger's nose (the upper lip perhaps?) was sewed on, and the front half of Booger's Head was finished!!

And from a different angle!

And complete!!

Platinum Sponsor Angus from Acreage Driveways stopped by to see how Booger Mobile was going and wish Damian luck on the esCarpade... Damian threw Booger's head on the roof to show him!

And from the other side...

Elli and Steve dropped by with the front windscreen number, and Elli had also hand-made a "Booger Angel" to keep the boys safe on their journey! Thanks Elli!!

The head is completed, and now just needs painting!! Maybe the boys will be ready in time!!


    What a lot of hard work was needed to cover the Boogers head with shade cloth,but worth all the time, effort, and spilled blood by Damian.
    No one ever said that it would be easy,and the long hard journey of preparing the Booger Mobile for the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade, has had its ups and downs,more downs than ups,but Damian and Scottie did not allow this to deter them.They were both so very determine to have the Booger Mobile completed and at the esCarpade.
    Can they do it ,will they be there?Of course they will,they are doing it for the kids.
    The beautiful Booger angel,from Elli will make sure that Damian, Scottie and the Booger Mobile have a safe journey in the esCarpade.
    Thank you Damian for all your hard work to finish the Boogers head.

  2. Woohoo!!
    Go team Booger!!
    Can't wait for the starting line now!
    Glad you have your Booger angel to keep you safe on your travels now!