Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 2 - Inverell to Tenterfield to Warwick!!

Day 2 arrived, and it was Scottie's turn to lead off in the morning. The boys woke to literally freezing temperatures in Inverell, and found that Booger Mobile's front windscreen had iced up...

On the outside...

AND on the inside!!

Scottie tried his hand at ice sculpting...

Heading to breakfast, parking was under the local shopping centre carpark.

Booger Mobile still looks remarkably shiny under all that dust!!

The drivers gathered to hear the driver's briefing, and found that the first leg of the course was impassable...

The boys headed back to Booger Mobile and waited for their turn to exit the car park.

It was then onto the bitumen to skip to the second section of the course...

Tony and the crew in car 808 were following...

And the Booger Angel from Elli was still protecting the boys!!

A number of esCarpade drivers were heading in convoy to the new starting point.

Damian took the opportunity to take some interesting photos...

The overtaking lane proved popular!!

And a photo looking through the rear view mirror...

Heading towards Emmaville...

After arriving at the start of the second section, it was a popular spot for a quick break...

The boys headed onto the dry, dusty roads. What a contrast to Saturday!!

One of many old bridges that would be crossed...

And looking out the back window to show the dust - a bit of photo magic so that you can read the sponsor sticker!!

Scottie was a picture of concentration...

Even though the roads were dry and dusty, there was still plenty of water around!!

Damian stopped for a break, and found some interesting rocks and a ravine to photograph.

The photo really doesn't do it justice!!

Booger Mobile looking the goods!!

More of the rough stuff...

One of the many flooded causeways that the boys needed to cross.

Scottie managed to raise a splash on this one!!

The scenery was majestic!

The roads were winding and provided for interesting driving.

The day was absolutely glorious!!

One of many creeks that had to be crossed - this time with the help of a bridge!!

Another causeway...

Another splash!!

This small water crossing hid quite a nice bump!!

The morning drive was quite long, so it was time for the boys to break open Booger's head and grab the jerry can.

Better to fuel up at a time and place of your own choosing rather than running out of petrol at a potentially inconvenient time!!

After fueling up and heading on their way, the boys came across a vehicle that was stuck fast in a rut.

After offering suggestions (and hearing that they were happy to snatch off the towballs on each end), the boys stood back.

Thankfully a 4WD arrived and recovered the vehicle without incident.

Booger Mobile, sitting on the grass.

And from the other side.

After getting back into Booger Mobile, the new starter motor solenoid decided to somehow get stuck on. After fixing this (by removing wires to reset it and reattaching them) Team Booger Mobile were on the road again, passing some impressive boulders!!

This one was sitting very precariously indeed!!

Eventually the boys made it to the lunch point at Tenterfield, and decided to do a cursory check under the bonnet. They found that a clip on the master cylinder wasn't on properly - probably from the brakes being done before esCarpade, so they reattached it. Everything else was fine.

The lunch venue was the Tenterfield history rail museum.

Beautiful old buildings mirroring a railway station from a bygone era.

The afternoon driver's briefing session informed everyone that most of the course was impassable, however there was a loop that could be done that lead back to Tenterfield, then they could head up the highway to Warwick.

The boys decided to do the loop, and with Damian behind the wheel, headed off.

It wasn't long until they were on the dirt...

And finding some shallow causeways to splash through!!

A shot of the river that the road criss-crossed beside.

Winding dusty roads...

With big rocky outcrops...

This one was a bit of a tight squeeze!!

Some shallow causeways on this track too!!

Then it was back onto the bitumen and off to Warwick...


Past some vineyards...

Along tree-lined streets...

With a funky through the back window shot of another esCarpade entrant...

A picture of the shadow of Booger's head...

Past a dinosaur...

Past a giant apple...

And up the highway to Queensland...


There was a short time before dinner, so Damian met up with a Senior Camper Luke (who lives in Warwick) so he could see Booger Mobile. After that, it was time to get ready for the rubik's cube themed dinner. Start with three coloured items and swap them until you have your team colour!!

Scottie got into the swing of things also!!

Booger Mobile would have to stay behind at the motel...

Dinner was at the Warwick RSL, and this crazy hat turned up!!

There was also a cool ceiling - they don't make buildings like this one any more!!

People ate, drank and were merry!

Damian managed to locate a bunch of blue items...

And Scottie did too!!

All in all it was a pretty good day - shame about the washed out sections, but you get that on a big job!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting update!!


  1. G'day guys, you might enjoy this pic of your vehicle:

    From Team Kidsfix:

  2. Sounds like your lovin the water, have fun.
    great pics.

  3. Thanks John - great pic. And Angus - yes, we are having a great time!!

  4. Nice to see the Booger Angel is doing a good job so far :)

    NOOOOOOO Way Booger Mobile is doing a fantastic job,taking Team Booger Mobile on a great journey,thru mud and water,over hills and thru rocky outcrops nothing stops the Booger Mobile.
    Then as the days adventure comes to an end for Booger,Damian and Scottie get to have some much needed fun and laughter because thats what its all about.
    Keep on doing it for the kids thank you Damian and Scottie.
    Love the pictures as always telling the story,no need for words.