Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Well, the esCarpade is nearly upon Team Booger Mobile, and Damian has spent the past few days tracking down bits and pieces ready to pack them into Booger Mobile.

Tonight, that packing has become a reality!!

First up, Damian's fabulous wife Tricia shows the flash new boardies she bought him... nice!!

Next cab off the rank was the installation of a custom box solution to hold the various bottles of stuff that the boys need to take with them.

Then of course, it was time to bolt on Booger's head for the first time ever!!

Damian fueled up Booger Mobile earlier, and also filled the 20L jerry can that is a requirement of esCarpade. The jerry can lives inside Booger's head!!

Next, the back half of Booger's head was attached and bolted on... Looking good now!!

After loading a heap of stuff into the boot, Damian thought a check of the ground clearance was in order... still looks good!!

And one last shot of the engine bay looking clean and tidy...

And a shot of Booger Mobile, with Booger peering nervously from his position on the roof rack!!

Here's the boot, almost full... there's still quite a bit of stuff to go in!!

Scottie is due to arrive in the early hours of Thursday morning, and after loading the clothes and other personal effects in, it will be time to head to Tamworth for the start of esCarpade 2010!!


  1. All the best for a safe esCarpade, Damo and Scotty!

  2. WOO HOO
    Thats one real flashie pair of boardies Tricia brought for Damian.
    Finally the Booger head is bolted on,lets hope its nice and tight wouldn 't want a flying BOOGER to hit anything.(rofl)
    With everything packed in all ready to leave in the morning ,when Scottie arrives,hope you have time for one of Damian's great coffees?
    The time has come to head off to the starting point of the Camp Quality esCarpade 2010 at Tamworth.
    What a fantastic achievement,a dream come true for two AWESOME guys takecare on the adventure ahead of you Damian and Scottie