Friday, 1 April 2011

Front Suspension Cross Brace

Well, first of all, apologies to all the people who had heart failure from Damian's April Fool's Day prank... all in good fun!!

Here's the serious post.

Damian's brother Jason popped over to Damian's house, and brought with him a strut-tower cross-brace...  The silver bit in the middle is factory made...  The black bits on the outside are amazing!!

Jason's friend Kerry is some kind of welding god, and created the metal base plate with attached strut-tower seat doohickey...  Apparently it's strong as a big strong thing!!

Here it is from the underside...

Looks pretty close to the template that the boys made a few weeks back!!

While he was over, Damian and Jason sat down to book their esCarpade accommodation... That's right readers - the 2011 esCarpade route has been announced!!

Stay tuned for a blog post shortly with a map of the esCarpade route!!

1 comment:

    It is great to have friends in high places,like Jason's friend Kerry,who created the end pieces for the Booger Mobiles strut-towers cross-brace.
    Thanks Kerry, you really are a "God of welding"
    Great pictures as always giving everyone an insight on what was achieved,also good to see Jason enjoying one of Damian's famous coffees :).
    Well done "Team Booger Mobile"