Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Booger Mobile visits Caboolture Community Creative Activities

The local Seventh-Day Adventist Church has a community service arm that runs a group called the Caboolture Community Creative Activities group.  They run their classes at minimal cost to participants, and some of the money they raise is passed on to charities... this time, it was Camp Quality that was selected, and Damian from Team Booger Mobile was asked if he could go and collect the donation (woohoo - more money for Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total) and to say a few words on behalf of Camp Quality.

Kathy (the creative group coordinator) had also organised for a photographer to be present from one of the local community newspapers, so Damian was going to take Booger Mobile along to the group.  Having had problems starting it on Monday, Damian felt it was best to head to the shed an hour before he needed to leave to start Booger Mobile...

After unsuccessfully trying to get Booger Mobile started and draining the battery a bit, it was time for a jump start from the mighty Patrol...

Forty-five minutes later... still no luck.

Damian eventually got Booger Mobile started (well, Tricia did when she came up to the shed to help) after FIFTY MINUTES!!  Just in time for Damian to move it out of the shed to in front of his house...

Before heading off to the Caboolture Community Creative Activities group...

Booger Mobile was parked under some trees for photos to be taken...

Before Damian headed inside to check out the group, collect the donation and say a few words about Camp Quality...

Damian was surprised to find over a hundred people inside the hall!!  He wasn't really sure what size group he was expecting, but what he found was a very friendly bunch of people undertaking such things as beading, board games, computing, crochet, vegetarian cooking and a whole bunch of other activities... 

Damian was given the $2 tour by Noel and Fred, and even stopped by the guitar class and had a bit of a sing with them (and was invited back to be the male vocalist for the group...  he was very flattered!!)

You might be wondering just how much was the donation to Camp Quality?  It was an incredible ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!  Yes, you read that right, $1000.  This brings Team Booger Mobile's 2011 fundraising total to $8797.15.

If you would like to drop in to the Caboolture Community Creative Activities group, they meet at the Caboolture Adventist Community Centre, 55 Caboolture River Road Morayfield.  Classes cost $3 per week (with some of them having a small additional cost for materials), or $22 for the 8 week term if paid up front.  Classes are on a Tuesday morning, with four terms per year.

You can find out more information from Kathy on 0421 047 356 or by emailing sdacabcreativeactivities@gmail.com

Special thanks go to Kathy for organising the donation (and for the newspaper to be there), Noel and Fred for the tour, and the group for making Damian feel so welcome.  An enjoyable couple of hours was spent talking about Booger Mobile, cars in general, Camp Quality and the activities people were undertaking.  It was a great day to be alive!!

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Some blog readers were concerned about whether Booger Mobile started and made it back home again safely...  the answer is yes!!  Once Damian had finished the show and tell at the Caboolture Community Creative Activities group, Booger Mobile started and drove home beautifully - this is probably due to the fact that Damian's house is only about 4km away from where the group meets - not enough time to generate enough heat to cause problems!!


  1. WOW that's a fantastic donation from Caboolture Community Group.I m sure it helps to ease Damian's stress of the ongoing problem of the Booger's starting woes.Lets hope that he is able resolved it soon and Damian can concentrate on having Booger Mobile ready for the Camp Quality 2011 esCarpade.
    Its really great to see groups like this helping others,and even better that Camp Quality was their choose to receive the donation.
    Well done Damian and Thank you Caboolture Community Group for your very generous donation

  2. *phew* So glad you were safely home afterwards now. I can sleep soundly again!

    Amazing effort from the Caboolture Community Group!

    Go Team Boogermobile!