Sunday, 5 August 2012

Skating Fundraiser

The long anticipated day for the Team Booger Mobile Skating Fundraiser had arrived... Damian loaded up his expensive skates (to go with his expensive car), and prepared for an evening of fun, frivolity and fundraising!!

Booger Mobile, ready to go.

Here's a snappy video of Booger Mobile heading to the fundraiser...  if you want to see how dodgy some drivers are, keep an eye out around the 38 second mark for the car who neglects to give way as Damian approaches a green light... sheesh!!

Heading down the highway...

Always time for a snappy self portrait!!

And pole position at Sk8mania North Lakes.

One banner set up visible as you come in the front door...

One near the skating rink (DJ booth).

Just before 5pm, and the crowd started to line up... Damian was excited to see so many quad-skaters in one place!!

Jordan decided to check out the camera while Tricia was taking photos...

Damian greeted guests, then threw his skates on quickly for the first speed skate of the night.

And away they go!!

Damian's mate Paul (who is totally blind) and friend Carolyn were being led around the floor by Damian (skating backwards), ably watched on by Damian's former camper Nik.

Tricia, the hottest raffle ticket seller this side of the moon, and Carolyn (with Seher and Luke feeding their faces in the background).

The skating continued...

Poor Aidan, his arm still in plaster meant that he couldn't skate due to insurance at the rink...

Bek bows out gracefully in the game of limbo...

Damian and Bek, repping Team Booger Mobile!

Part of the crowd watching games...

Carmen with her impressive camera!!

Another side of crowd!!

Damian and Tricia...

Nikkers, all class, just like on camp!!

The below blurry picture is in because if you click on it for full size, you will see Kev at the back in the blue and white in the middle of tearing his hamstring by accidentally doing the splits...

Get well soon, Kev!!

The winner of the game of scatter-toys!

And the raffle prizes were drawn...  Matt won himself a pair of skates, kindly donated by Sk8mania North Lakes!!

There were a bunch of other prizes...  Thermos picnic set...

Camping torch and thermos flasks.

Chocolate mug set...

$25 BP fuel card, kindly donated by Finn.

Another $25 BP fuel card, also donated by Finn... what a champion!!

Tammy won herself a bottle of wine...

There was a 20 can esky...

Seher won a 4 exercises book, signed by the author Matt!!

Charlie won a couple of prizes, including a bottle of wine and Jim Beam sunnies and lanyard.

Matt wanted a free entry to go with his skates...

Bek grabbed a prize too...

Matt (author of 4 exercises) donated four books for the raffle, and in return, managed to win himself a free entry!!  Who says karma doesn't exist?

Hank grabbed a free entry...

Another good looking quad skater grabbed a 4 exercises book...

There were a few other prize winners, but the pictures were either blurry or just very unflattering, but congratulations to all the winners...

Damian thanked Tammy from Sk8mania for making the venue available to Team Booger Mobile at a substantial discount, and for donating a pair of skates and four free passes for the raffle!!

Booger Mobile back home, safe in the shed!

So that's how the Team Booger Mobile Skating Fundraiser unfolded...  And the result?  A fabulous


raised for Camp Quality!!

Thanks to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, donated prizes or simply came along and had fun... Damian reckons it might become an annual event!!


  1. I think there's a whole lotta quad skaters who'll be keen on that Damo... ;)
    Thanks for the fun! :D

  2. we had a great time Damian and Paul is eager to go again!

    Well done Team Booger Mobile.
    It looks like everyone had an "AWESOME" time at the Team Booger Mobile Skating fund raiser.
    Thank you for all of your hard work Damian,and what a great result raising a fantastic.
    DA DUM $742.15