Friday, 14 September 2012

Rear spring measure-up and a bath!!

Damian had been out and about sorting out bits and pieces for Booger Mobile... one stop was to the suspension shop to book in to get the rear leaf springs measured up.  They didn't have time until the late afternoon, so Damian took Booger Mobile home for a bath.

Looking shiny now!!

From the back...

Driver's side...

And from the front - look at that ground clearance!!  Damian is still impressed by that!!

And a couple of different angles...

This one showing how bright the paint still is!!

And off to the spring shop...

Up on the hoist...

The rear springs were measured up - the spring dude remarked that it would be good if they had a sample spring to work from... Damian told him he had the original springs at home!!  One of them will make their way to the suspension shop.

On his way home, Damian caught up with Jason who was visiting a friend...  Damian saw that there was parking available for awesome cars...

Yes, that is a genuine Lamborghini Diablo!!

Damian noted (to the owner of said Lambo) that it was a 1991 model, therefore old enough to enter the esCarpade!!  The owner wasn't keen...

And home again, with green lights blazing.

The spring saga looks to finally be coming to a close.  Damian still has a whole bunch of stuff on the to-do list, but is feeling marginally better about it all.

If you are around the Gold Coast this coming Sunday (16 September), stop by Southport Parklands for Corvette's on the Coast, and come along to see Booger Mobile in the flesh!!


  1. Maybe you should have offered to swap some booger swaq for some Lamborghini Swaq? Like the Engine? :)

  2. Poor Booger and Damian have had enough sagas in their lives,and now that the spring one is solved,let hope that there will be no more in the future.
    You and Booger Mobile should be proud of yourself for all the wonderful things they you have done,and will continual to do,for the great cause of Camp Quality.
    So thank you "Now Spring into it lol"