Friday, 30 August 2013

Pre-scrutineering stuff...

One more sleep till scrutineering...  Damian whipped out the timing light and adjusted the timing on Booger Mobile...  Test drive was successful!!

He also replaced the concerning accelerator cable with a heavy duty v8 cable that is considerably longer, thus allowing a much nicer curve around to the carby!!

The donated UHF gave Damian grief on the last couple of esCarpades, so the poor old thing seemed to need a bit of a rest...  time to replace it...

With a nice, shiny new one!!

Voila!!  Installed!!  The wires hanging down at the back are some that will need to be tidied another time - there was room for another flasher switch on top of the previous UHF, but not this one, so the switch will be planted elsewhere!!

Artistic shot of the bonnet emblem...  for no apparent reason!!

Some of the esCarpade stuff that Damian has thrown in for scrutineering... This is the bare minimum gear required to pass scrutineering - regular blog readers will realise that the boot is chock to the gunnels come esCarpade time!!

In the morning, Angus will be arriving for his maiden trip in Booger Mobile as the boys meet up with the other Brisbane based entrants before heading up to Gympie for scrutineering and the Qld esCarpade Experience...

Blog post on Saturday night for sure!!

1 comment:

  1. Booger Mobile is looking fantastic and I am sure will pass scrutineering,with flying colour.
    I can t believe how fast time as gone by since the last esCarpade.
    Thank you Damian for all your hard work you do on preparing the Booger Mobile along with all the fund raisers etc etc,as always doing it for the kids :)