Saturday, 19 July 2014

Stop dripping, damn you transmission pan gasket!!

So, even after Damian replaced the automatic transmission pan gasket, it seemed that the fluid continued to leak...  Frustrating!!

Time to book it in to an actual mechanic and get them to sort it out...

First up, a gratuitous shot of the awesome keyring Damian was given at the Green Apple Wellness Centre Bayside to Bald Hills event!!

Next, get Booger Mobile in position...

Hoist it up in the air...

And get a mechanic to have a look.  First was to give it all a good clean...

Then, the mechanic took Booger Mobile for a test drive!!

After going back up on the hoist, it was discovered that the pan gasket was NOT leaking!!  Turns out Damian wasn't completely useless at changing them!!  A little piece called the selector shaft seal was leaking - it sits just above the pan gasket - and dripping onto the gasket, making it look like the pan gasket was leaking...

As luck would have it, there was an auto parts store at Brendale who had one in stock, so Damian took Booger Mobile for a drive and collected the part...  Actual size - about the size of a 5 cent piece!!

Back to the mechanic to wait for another turn on the hoist.

Old part out... new part in!!

And time for another test drive!!

Got to keep the sponsors happy with shots of all sides!!

Damian's favourite angle... and Giggle is still smiling as always!!

Another awesome business supporting Booger Mobile!!

Damian managed to line this shot up heaps better!!

Home, and time to put the bash plate on and get ready for scrutineering on the next weekend!!

Stash some stuff into the boot...

About 2/3 of what goes into the boot for the actual esCarpade!!  Booger Mobile is pretty much self sufficient in terms of tools etc, and the mechanics love that!!

So... with the auto transmission leak sorted, tools found and packed and scrutineering just around the corner, would Booger Mobile pass scrutineering this year?  Only time will tell!!

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