Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rims and random stuff...

Time to get some rims and random stuff sorted out while Booger Mobile isn't driveable (remember, the idler arm has been removed - a vital steering component)!!

Well, here's a rim Damian prepared earlier... the test rim one might say...  Time to get the others to look the same!!

Of course, after trying to paint the new green over the existing rim colour, Damian remembered that he used a grey undercoat... so time to do some undercoating...

Which would work heaps better if they were taped off to protect the chromed part!!

Must be one of the rear wheels in the picture above!!

Next cab off the rank was the installation of a RZU (Remote Zero Unit) for the Terratrip - should make the navigator's job much easier on esCarpade!!  (To reset the distance counter without having to reach forward to the windscreen mounted Terratrip unit.)

Meanwhile, Damian had also removed the rooftop pod to get some theming happening...

See?  There it is!!

One of these days, Damian will actually have time to get the idler arm bush pressed in...  Until then, Booger Mobile remains unable to be driven!!

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