Sunday, 18 October 2015

esCarpade 2015 - Day 1 - Narrabri to Mungindi to St George

The first driving day of the 2015 Camp Quality esCarpade had arrived!!  Today would see the boys drive Booger Mobile from Narrabri to Mungindi (220km following the route notes), then from Mungindi to St George (178km by the route notes).  esCarpadians don't do straight lines!!

Damian and Angus woke in Narrabri, checking out Booger Mobile in the cool early morning light...

The sky looked nice as the sun rose...

Breakfast put on by the local Lions Club.

Booger Mobile and Damian's friend Paul's XP wagon... Paul had driven up around 300km to check out Booger Mobile... now that's commitment!!

The first driver briefing of esCarpade 2015.

Lining up in an orderly fashion...

After checking out, Damian and Angus hit the road!!  The blog doesn't have many comments from here, but there are plenty of photos to keep you interested!!

Always time for a selfie!!

Overtaking Booger Mobile is a bit of a sport on esCarpade it would seem!!

Hi Rollers having a few minor issues...

At the fun stop, and Booger Mobile had been going fantastically well all day... Angus was excited!!

Hi Rollers back on the road again!!

These cows were being driven by a lone bloke, on a horse, down a highway in a 100km/hr zone!!

Arriving in Mungindi!!

Is this the fuel line up?  Apparently, yes!!

Getting closer to the bowser... not water from Booger Mobile...

And lining up for a group photo at the Two Mile Hotel, Mungindi!!

After lunch, lining up for another breath test, before hitting the road towards St George.  Back to Qld!

Still going well, therefore still happy!!

A number of vehicles had some minor problems during the day... The boys felt for them, having been there last year!!

Safety first!!

Another fun stop - this time at a bridge (over troubled water)

The pylons from the old bridge are all that remain...

At least there was water in the river!!

More minor issues...

Crossing the Balonne River, arriving in St George!!

The weir... water level high on this side...

Not so much on that side!!

Arriving at the St George Showgrounds!!

Booger Mobile had successfully completed the morning and afternoon stages - following the route notes!!  At the risk of putting the mocker on himself, Damian thinks that Booger Mobile might just behave itself long enough for Angus to enjoy an incident free trip... time will tell!!

Dinner for Day 1 was a camp oven cookout at the St George Showgrounds...

Damian and Angus drove across in Booger Mobile - the dust in the air looked like snow when the flash went off!!

Impressive camp oven setup!!

Mmmmm... stew... curried lamb or beef!!

A beautiful night for alfresco dining!!

Fun Therapy...

Live entertainment...

Day 1 ended as it began - fantastic weather, great people and Booger Mobile going well!!

Stay tuned for day 2...


  1. Yay Booger Mobile and it's drivers! Congratulations on a great first day. WOOHOO! I hope that weather I tagged berto in doesn't catch up with you and wreak havoc and I hope that every one of the Go EsCarpade cars makes it the whole distance! GOD LUCK BOOGER MOBILE AND FRIENDS!

    1. No, the weather hasn't caught up with us yet... still sunny and clear where we've been!! Hot, too!!