Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fundraising - Soundwave 2012

Team Booger Mobile's major fundraiser - the Soundwave Festival in Brisbane - was on again today!!  Damian and Jason, along with former camper Hayley headed into Soundwave bright and early, hoping the rain would stay away long enough to raise some money in the signing tent!!

Meanwhile, the crowd outside lined up waiting to get in the doors...  Nice photobomb by the chick down the front!!

After the ticket books were all written out, they were lined out neatly in order of the tables the bands would be sitting at when they came to sign... this wouldn't last long!!

Boot girl returns!!  Regular blog readers would remember Boot girl from last year's Soundwave... she returned to the signing tent this year, with her friend gumboot girl!!

The bands started to file through...  The heavens opened up a little bit later (and again several times throughout the day) - Damian was certainly pleased that they were all indoors this year!!

Always time for a good self portrait!!  Hayley... you are looking the wrong way!!

More people filed through the signing tent...

Meanwhile, Damian went for a quick wander, and discovered there were heaps of people in the main arena...

Even more when you look in this direction!!  That's stages 1 and 2 in the background... Bush was playing, and A Day to Remember were getting ready to play.

Jo turned up at the signing tent to say g'day!!  Time for their traditional self-portrait...

Jo suggested that they always had the same photo each year, so they hammed it up for the camera...  Damian's hand is a bit blurry, as he was catching Jo's glasses as they fell!!

Damian and Hayley with some bands and punters...

It's a lonely time in the signing tent when you are between signing sessions...

This chick here paid an incredible EIGHTY DOLLARS to meet her favourite band - The Pretty Reckless - who had sold out at around 11:30am...  (They weren't signing till around 7pm.)

The Pretty Reckless... with their biggest fan having her shirt signed...  That's one way to do it!!

The guy on the left of picture is Ben, who was organising the signing tent, the one to the right of picture is with the band The Pretty Reckless - he kept yelling out "No Photos" as people were coming through to meet the band... so Damian decided he should be in a photo!!  Jason seemed to wonder what Damian was up to!!

This lovely lady was also with the band...  She wanted a self portrait with Damian also...  Jason has a devious grin in the background!!

Last but not least, this is one of the signing tent volunteers, who wanted to be famous on the Booger Mobile Blog...  Mission Accomplished!!

So the big question is... how much money was raised for Camp Quality?  Wait for it...


A big thank you to Jo and the team at Soundwave for having Team Booger Mobile in the signing tent again in 2012!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Planning Day

With 2012 underway, and fundraising events on the horizon, it was time for the boys to get together for a spot of planning for the tasks to prepare Booger Mobile for the 2012 Camp Quality esCarpade!!

Jason arrived, and was most disappointed to hear that the head was going to have to be removed yet again...

Plenty of discussions and planning took place, including the agreement on a new roof-top ornament!!  Stay tuned for progression of that task!!