Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Booger Mobile - the school formal chariot!!

Damian was on his way home from a Christmas Party with one of his business clients when he received a text message from Tricia - Jordan had decided that he would really like to be driven to his year 7 formal dinner in Booger Mobile!!

Proud as punch, behind the flashed out doors!!

Sadly, Damian was in no condition to drive, so Tricia was about to have her VERY FIRST EVER drive of Booger Mobile!!  Confidently giving the thumbs up!!

Proudly sporting a Team Booger Mobile vest - safety first!!

Jordan in the back, looking stoked!!

Jordan arrived in a blaze of glory, with full lights, horns and AC/DC thumping through Booger Mobile's impressive stereo!!  All eyes on the green monster rumbling to a stop, with Jordan exiting excitedly to join his classmates!!

Parents don't stay for the dinner, so it was time to head back home.  Tricia driving confidently on the way home...

Until the chicane in the road!!  Panic time!!  (It was a Kodak moment!!)

After an exciting first drive, Tricia learned the beauty of driving a fifty year old car without power steering!!

Jordan was a legend amongst his peers, at least for one night!!