Sunday, September 14, 2014

Under 5 weeks till esCarpade... better get cracking on the fiddly stuff!!

With less than five weeks to go until the 2014 Camp Quality esCarpade, Damian thought it would be best to get cracking on the few remaining fiddly jobs... like stickers!!
Ably assisted by his son Jordan, it was time to stick on some new ones!!

This looks like a good spot!!

Cosmo Lighting...  phone 9639 6222 for all your LED lighting needs!!

Lookie lookie... another blank spot just the right size for a sticker!!

Cosmo Lighting...  Did Damian mention previously that Peter Poulos from Cosmo Lighting had provided a bunch of LED lights and various bits and pieces for Damian to use?

Hmmm... Nice plug there, but the blank spot below it is the one we are interested in!!

Green Apple Wellness Centre...  Made a fabulous $2000 donation to Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total... and around another $13000 to Camp Quality in general!!

Amazing how the paint looks so different in different light!!

Another Green Apple Wellness Centre sticker!!  Perfect!!

This blog post would have been much longer, except that shortly after this sticker was placed, Jordan had headed up to the front paddock to do some jumps on his bmx bike...  Unfortunately he landed on his head (on his first jump) and got a free trip to hospital in the ambulance!!  Thankfully although he was knocked unconscious tests showed no serious damage (other than concussion, of course), and after an overnight stay for observation he is back home again, so don't panic!!

Damian suggested next time Jordan should stay in the shed helping!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Brisbane Billycart Championships

Damian was invited by the Rotary Club of Carindale to MC the Brisbane Billycart Championships again in 2014.  After a couple of days of torrential rain, it was hit and miss whether the event would go ahead...

The safety team checked it out and made an executive decision to go ahead... and a great decision it was!!  The sun came out and the day was fantastic!!

Booger Mobile shiny and on display...

Camp Quality signage behind the trophies, in the presentation tent...

Adam came along to help out for the day...  As did Sandy, Tricia and Damian's boys!!

The starting ramp was a little damp early in the morning, but it was still an hour before the racing would kick off...

The view from the top... (the bottom of the ramp is disconnected for the youngest age bracket).

Sunshine, lollipops and a DRY TRACK!!

Always a good time to do a selfie, especially mid-speech!!

The mascot races were run and won...

The winner was Happy Dragon from St George Bank.

Best dressed team... (This cart was F-A-S-T!!  So fast, that it escaped the track through the end fence when the stoppers missed it...  Damian suggested with their winnings they might like to invest in some brakes!!)

Nicely turned out billycarts - working lights and horns and everything!!

Another themed cart...

Damian's boys getting ready for their race...

Flag time!!

Very close heat!!

Aidan went on to win second place in his division...

Booger Mobile safely back home!!

While Damian was performing MC duties, ably assisted by Adam on the whiteboard, Sandy, Aidan and Jordan were assisting with pushing carts around, and Tricia was collecting a $2 donation from vehicles coming in to park...  She collected an amazing $240.75!! 

In addition to this, the Rotary Club of Carindale is going to make a donation of $700...  before that arrives, the total for 2014 stands at $9985.25... less than $15 shy of the $10000 target!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Light it up!!

Damian noticed that the side lights on Booger Mobile were looking a little sad and starting to perish... in fairness, they were almost 5 years old!!

Thankfully, former esCarpade entrant and all-round nice guy Peter Poulos came to the party and donated some nice new LED strip lights for Damian to use!!  Here is one trimmed to size and attached, but you can see the cable ties haven't been trimmed yet.

For comparison purposes, here's the old strip light on the passenger side...

And here's the new one... much brighter!!

With a huge thanks to Cosmo Lighting, lighting up the lives of kids with cancer through Booger Mobile!!

With esCarpade now less than 80 days away, it's time to get to the fiddly bits... Most people will have their major work sorted out by now, and Booger Mobile (touch wood) is pretty much done and dusted from that standpoint...

Stay tuned for a bit more fundraising, some fiddly bits, hopefully some more lights and further shenanigans as the time progresses towards the 2014 Camp Quality esCarpade!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Queensland Scrutineering and Experience esCarpade drive!!

Queensland Scrutineering for 2014 had arrived...  It was time for Booger Mobile and the other Queensland entrants to find out how prepared they were for the 2014 esCarpade, and how much more work was to be done to ensure (or at least go towards) the event not being a mechanical misery!!

Speaking of mechanical misery, Damian's camera decided to play silly buggers with the lens protector, so some of the photos have an artistic feel to them...

Test lights ready to go!!

Heading out towards Kilcoy on a foggy Saturday morning...

Meeting at the Kilcoy Bakery for coffee and sustenance before Scrutineering - Angus and Damian were the first to arrive, and sat for a while wondering if they had the day wrong... then the rest of the gang turned up!!

Booger Mobile flanked by a couple of new vehicles - Angry Birds and the Mystery Machine.

Tyrepower at Kilcoy made their workshop available for scrutineering again... three cheers for them!!

Parked outside, milling around while all the vehicles had their turn on the hoist...

Booger Mobile passed with flying colours!!  Woohoooooooooo!!

Team Afro had a broken hanger on the rear springs, but luckily for them there was a wrecking yard next door who had one in stock!!

Purple People Eaters found that their GPS tripmeter wasn't working - turned out to be a problem with the probe connection.

Damian and Angus - together again for 2014!!

Driver briefing before the Experience esCarpade drive from Kilcoy to Palmwoods!!

Up the bitumen for a while...

And onto dirt... woohoo!!

A few km into the dirt, a nasty squealing sound came from the wheel... Damian stopped and checked for a stick or similar, but couldn't find anything.  Driving off slowly he tapped the brakes a couple of times and the noise was gone... verdict - small rock stuck in the brakes!!

Back onto bitumen they went...

Past the Glasshouse Mountains...

Angus doing a sterling job of navigating!!

Up the hill to Maleny!!

Out through Montville, then down the Razorback!!

Safely arriving at the Palmwoods Hotel for lunch!!

They must have known Angus was coming!!

After lunch and a refreshing soft-drink, it was time for everyone to head their separate ways home!!

Back in the shed - the flash not showing just how dusty Booger Mobile actually is!!

A fine layer of dust coats everything, but Giggle still smiles!!

A fantastic day was had, and even better news is that Booger Mobile is ready to rock and roll for esCarpade 2014!!

Stay tuned for some more blog updates over the coming months as the boys get ready for their 2014 esCarpade adventure!!