Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fundraising - Soundwave Festival 2015 Brisbane - Day 2

Day 2 of Soundwave 2015, and Damian with a sense of deja vu parked in the same spot he had on Saturday...

He was meant to have Kate with him to help out, however she had messaged Damian to let him know she wasn't well, therefore couldn't make it...

Deja vu all over again!!

Finding the gates closed at the volunteer entrance, Damian found himself backstage in the artist area drinking coffee!!  Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know!!

A coach load of artists arrived from Sydney... Damian respected their privacy by not taking photos of them once they entered the building...  It's the little things!!

Time to get cracking in the signing tent, writing out the tickets.

The rest of the ticket writers!!

Through the magic of the interwebs, they are all finished!!

The signing tent entry was set up in a snake/zig-zag pattern in preparation for the rush for tickets for Gerard Way (lead singer of My Chemical Romance), who is very popular amongst the young people!!

Always time for a quick selfie!!

The ticket rush came and went, but no photos were managed... Here's Raglans - the first band through the signing tent!!

More bands came and went, including this one signing... errm... best to leave that to your imagination!!

Oh dear - this band is signing a bra!!

Ne Obliviscaris arrived, with a rather large python in tow!!

Kel loves snakes, and had a little play...

Damian doesn't, but still posed (very nervously) for a photo, much to the amusement of the others in the signing tent!!

Damian got one of the girls to man the ticket sales for a while and ducked over to Steel Panther to catch a few songs...

If you've never seen Steel Panther in concert - go for it!!

Certainly not a show for kids, but the on-stage banter was hilarious!!

Bringing 80's glam rock back one set at a time!!


The crowd are loving it!!

Damian's having a great time too!!

And what 80's hair band would be complete without some air-blowing through their hair!!

Back in the signing tent, more bands came through...

Gerard Way was very softly spoken and polite to his adoring fans...

This poor girl had some trouble with one of her red contact lenses - Damian thought it made for a great photo!!

Atreyu - another very popular band today!!

The fans line up for the last of the sold-out bands for Soundwave Brisbane!!

The Color Morale signed, and their lead singer was a dead-set legend!!  He spoke for a long time with his fans, dishing out hugs and encouraging words to some clearly distressed young people...

The signing tent was finished for another year, so it was time for the gun crew of the signing tent in Brisbane to pose for a jazz-hands selfie!!

So how much money was raised, you ask?  Sunday in the signing tent, a total of $1802.45 was raised, bringing the grand total for Soundwave Brisbane to...


This amazing total is another record, and brings Damian's 2015 fundraising total tantalisingly close to the $10000 mark!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fundraising - Soundwave Festival 2015 Brisbane - Day 1

Soundwave for 2015 is being held over two days in each city - day 1 in Brisbane was off to a good start with Damian scoring a car park at the Camp Quality head office!!

Volunteer gate... seems like the right place!!

Helping out on Saturday was Jack, who was one of Damian's campers on Grad Camp in 2014 - who turned 18 on Friday (the day before Soundwave)!!

Signing tent, or is it Igning Tent, signage all sorted out!!

Of course, next to the official Soundwave Merchandise tent, the signing tent looks kind of quaint!!

Kel (boss of the signing tent) standing in for Jo's annual selfie, as Jo couldn't make it to Brisbane this year!!

After the initial ticket rush, there was time for Damian to sneak out to have a look at the first band...

Apocalyptica!!  They were awesome - check out some of their work on youtube if you dare!! 

Cello's like you've never heard them before!!

Selfie... of course!!

Back at the signing tent, The Wonder Years were the first band to come through...

Damian and Kel having some fun...  Damian looks like he might be about to have a heart attack!!

Damo posing with the boys from Apocalyptica after their signing tent appearance!!

No posed photos says the sign!!

The line up for Tonight Alive, with the girl who is first in line super excited to pose with the picture of Booger Mobile on the wall!!

The line goes up and around and into the distance!!

Tonight Alive!!

Jack wanted a picture with the band - so he got one!!  Turns out Damo is the famous one though, as one of the members of Tonight Alive said to him that the guys in Melbourne had asked them to say g'day to him for them!!  Job done Sagona and Webby!!

Butcher Babies were quite popular also for some reason!!

Night fell on the signing tent, and the last couple of bands cycled through!!

After packing up, the girls made a star-selfie-something-or-other!!

So Damian joined in!!

Crazy face time!!

Always good to put your feet up at the end of a hard day in the signing tent!!

Once signing tent duties were completed, there was enough time for Damian to catch about half of Slash's set...

With Myles Kennedy on lead vocals...

The man in the hat!!

The set was awesome!!

Big crowd for the penultimate band for Saturday.

Pretty lights!!

Big finale, with confetti cannons!!

Slash playing the guitar behind his head amidst the confetti!!

Saturday was done and dusted - although there were only 14 bands through the signing tent, through ticket sales and donations a massive $2133.10 was raised... and it's only day one!!

Tune in on Sunday to find out what the grand total raised is for Soundwave Brisbane in 2015!!