Saturday, 27 May 2017

Transmission Pan Gasket Replacement

With Damian's new car not yet arrived, and a fundraising event coming up, it was time to keep making progress with Booger Mobile to ensure it was in a driveable state!!

This transmission pan gasket leak would need to be fixed!!

Draining the oil...

Hard to get an action shot!!

Merlin found Damian under Booger Mobile and proceeded to inappropriately tongue Damian's face!!

This could be the reason the pan gasket was leaking!!

And this grunge inside probably isn't good, either!!


So clean you could almost eat off it!!

Selfie while adding transmission fluid!!

Fixed... test driven and looking awesome!!

Damian is still sad about the decision to retire Booger Mobile...  Has he made the right decision?

Only time will tell…

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