Sunday, 21 September 2014

2014 Corvettes on the Coast

Early on a Sunday morning, it was time for Damian to take Booger Mobile down to the Gold Coast to be the special guest of the Qld Corvette Club at their annual Corvettes on the Coast concourse.

Looking pretty shiny...

Always time for a selfie...

Heading down the road in the early morning light...

Uh oh...  the boys in blue have one of the Corvettes pulled over... hopefully he was just interested in checking out the shiny bits!!

Booger Mobile parked with Camp Quality signage... looks empty from this direction...

Not so empty from this direction!!

Bit of Camp Quality signage never goes astray...

Look at those trophies!!

This was absolutely spectacular...  Damian's favourite car of the show, for sure!!

Looking back through the crowd towards Booger Mobile...

Gratuitous butt shot...  Special K from WA... great supporter of Booger Mobile over the years!!

Having fun with some of Damian's spare boogers...

Time to present some trophies...

You can't see it, but Damian is leading a procession of Corvettes heading home from the show!!

Up and over the Gateway Bridge... Booger Mobile was driving beautifully!!

And back home again... job well done.

Thanks again to the Queensland Corvette Club for having Damian down at their annual concourse with Booger Mobile.  Damian received $39.55 in his donation tin for the day, but the day isn't really about donations in the tin - more about supporting the Queensland Corvette Club who have been wonderful supporters of Camp Quality for many, many years!!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

2014 Official Sticker... Where to put it?

So, it's probably best to have the 2014 official sticker on before the esCarpade starts...  Where to put it?  How about this nice shiny spot on the front of the bonnet...

Some careful cutting and somewhat careful aligning and the first part looks pretty good...

Lots of sneaky trimming with a Stanley knife and the giggle sticker was ready to go...

Damian's boys suggested that the rest of the sticker needed to be there to finish it off - that's the little exclamation lines above giggle's head...

Perfect!!  Now people will realise that this is the 2014 Camp Quality esCarpade!!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Under 5 weeks till esCarpade... better get cracking on the fiddly stuff!!

With less than five weeks to go until the 2014 Camp Quality esCarpade, Damian thought it would be best to get cracking on the few remaining fiddly jobs... like stickers!!
Ably assisted by his son Jordan, it was time to stick on some new ones!!

This looks like a good spot!!

Cosmo Lighting...  phone 9639 6222 for all your LED lighting needs!!

Lookie lookie... another blank spot just the right size for a sticker!!

Cosmo Lighting...  Did Damian mention previously that Peter Poulos from Cosmo Lighting had provided a bunch of LED lights and various bits and pieces for Damian to use?

Hmmm... Nice plug there, but the blank spot below it is the one we are interested in!!

Green Apple Wellness Centre...  Made a fabulous $2000 donation to Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total... and around another $13000 to Camp Quality in general!!

Amazing how the paint looks so different in different light!!

Another Green Apple Wellness Centre sticker!!  Perfect!!

This blog post would have been much longer, except that shortly after this sticker was placed, Jordan had headed up to the front paddock to do some jumps on his bmx bike...  Unfortunately he landed on his head (on his first jump) and got a free trip to hospital in the ambulance!!  Thankfully although he was knocked unconscious tests showed no serious damage (other than concussion, of course), and after an overnight stay for observation he is back home again, so don't panic!!

Damian suggested next time Jordan should stay in the shed helping!!