Saturday, 3 June 2017

Washing, Sponsor Thanks and the Fuel Gauge Punchline

With the 2017 Angelhurst Village Car Show coming up, Damian figured that to hang out with the expensive cars (Ferrari's, Porsche's, Jaguar's etc), Booger Mobile should be clean!

A good looking bit of kit, for sure!!

Even Giggle looked clean and happy!!

Damian thinks it's going to be tough leaving the poor old girl in the shed this year!!

With the washing done, Damian thought he would give a final thank-you to the 2016 sponsors of Booger Mobile - Aus Minecraft...

Kaye and John Stevens (Special K from WA).

Cadist Consulting.

Deon Cameron from

Steve and the team at Aussie Jumping Castles.

Fraser Strain - Safety Certificates.

Denise Gadsden, and Catherine and Paul Price.

Jason Sheather and the crew at

It's an emotional time...

Oh yeah, one last thing.  Damian spent another day wiring and rewiring the fuel gauge, with seemingly no progress...  Then he finally just put it back together and hoped for the best!!

Turns out he had wired it up right and fixed it, but because the tank was pretty empty, it didn't move until after fuelling up... 

This is progress, for sure.  The gauge is working, but the fuel sender needs to be adjusted (since the tank is full, but the gauge is only reading 3/4 full), so the tank will need to come out AGAIN...

At least the fuel gauge is working again!!