Tuesday, 12 March 2013

2013 esCarpade Route has been announced

Just a quick blog post tonight - the route for the 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade was announced recently...

Here it is:

Saturday 12th October  (Scrutineering and formal welcome dinner etc)
Sunday 13th October  (First day of driving)
Bundaberg – Hivesville – Dalby
Monday 14th October
Dalby – Boonah – Lismore
Tuesday 15th October
Lismore – Grafton – Coffs Harbour
Wednesday 16th October  (Day off to relax, wash and/or repair cars)
LAY DAY Coffs Harbour
Thursday 17th October
Coffs Harbour – Comboyne – Muswellbrook
Friday 18th October
Muswellbrook – Rylstone – Bathurst
Saturday 19th October  (Big party in the Gong!!)
Bathurst – Bowral - Wollongong

Damian will prepare his usual map for blog viewers to enjoy once the route is finalised (usually this is around the time hotels are booked, so you can be sure it's probably not likely to possibly change any further!!)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Rear LED Safety Light

World's shortest blog post tonight - just a quick video of Damian testing the newly arrived CREE LED Safety light for the rear of Booger Mobile.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Work begins in ernest...

March the first... only 7 and a bit months until esCarpade 2013...  Time to get cracking!!

First task - replace the old, worn tail light gaskets with nice new ones...

Cleaned ready to go...


The driver's side was markedly dirtier!!

Damian's friend Vivien attended Team Booger Mobile headquarters (aka Damian's shed) to give a hand...  She's quite the solderer, so Damian was hoping there would be some for her to do!!

First step, remove the old lights...

Damian pulled some funny faces while trying to reach all the cable ties holding the cables in place...

Viv helped remove some of the old lights...

All gone!!

Here's a pile of old LED lights - some might come in handy later, but not right now!!

Damian drilling the mounting holes for the first amber LED light...

Meanwhile, the cow next door demonstrated that the grass is not only greener on the other side, but longer too!!

And the first LED is installed...

Front pair completed, by the magic of the interwebs!!

Before testing, the back LED's were also installed - you'll just have to take Damian's word for it!!

See... told you so!!

What blog post about LED lights would be complete without a video?

Stay tuned - it's certainly going to ramp up from here on!!