Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fundraising - Soundwave Festival 2014 - Brisbane

Soundwave Festival Brisbane... Team Booger Mobile have again been invited to handle the tickets in the signing tent.  Kate came along to give Damian a hand...

Backstage, some of the trucks were there, people were scurrying getting the finishing touches in place...

This year, the signing tent was moved into a larger, more airy and definitely cooler location!!  And even better - the tickets were already written out!!

Signage up...

Always time for a pose in the middle of Damian's photo!!

Stage 4 - right beside the signing tent location... it's going to get loud!!

The gates open, and the crowds arrived en mass!!

After a hectic first couple of hours selling tickets (as per usual), the bands started rolling through.  The lady at the front with the yellow and white bags asked for "a ticket to every band available".  And she spent the day rolling through getting photos and autographs from everyone...  She was either selling them on ebay, or was a wonderful mother!!  Damian likes to think it was the latter!!

Damian with his earplugs in, and Kate still smiling!!

These guys were particularly scary looking... Mushroomhead!!

Gwar take the stage on Stage 4...  They would cause chaos in the signing tent later!!

Quiet band line up...

All hell breaks loose when Gwar appear and start overturning tables and throwing chairs...

Duff McKagan... turns out he snuck back again in 2014...

Duff... you're looking the wrong way!!

Gwar make a grand exit...

Some of the bands made themselves hugely popular by walking out into the crowd at the end of their signing tent appearance!!

This chick and her husband were super-stoked to meet Phil from Down/Pantera.

And of course, what would a trip to Soundwave be without a selfie with Mrs Soundwave, aka Jo!!

So how much was raised?  It was the most successful Brisbane Soundwave Festival fundraising EVER, raising a huge total of

A massive fundraising total if ever there was one!!  Team Booger Mobile can't wait until the next Soundwave Festival!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Rotary Club of Carindale Guest Speaker Gig

Damian was lucky enough to be invited to be guest speaker at the breakfast meeting of the Rotary Club of Carindale.  Regular blog readers would remember them from the Brisbane Billycart Championships back in August.

One of the few official photos of Booger Mobile from 2013 made it into the presentation.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Damian was presented with a small gift as a token of their appreciation.

He was also presented with a cheque for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!  This fabulous donation is in addition to the $3000 donation they made in 2013, and there was also some discussion about Damian being involved in the Brisbane Billycart Championships again this coming year... watch this space!!