Sunday, 28 May 2017

Fuel Gauge Fixing - Part 1

One remaining item of grief was the non-functioning fuel gauge.  Booger Mobile has a voltage-regulated instrument cluster, working on 5V instead of 12V.

Pulling the instrument cluster out...

Damian bought an after-market voltage regulator... would it work?

Given that Booger Mobile is now retired, it probably wouldn't matter all that much... but Damian would still like to see it work.

With some rewiring of the connections required (even though it should have been plug and pray), the completion would be another week coming…

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Transmission Pan Gasket Replacement

With Damian's new car not yet arrived, and a fundraising event coming up, it was time to keep making progress with Booger Mobile to ensure it was in a driveable state!!

This transmission pan gasket leak would need to be fixed!!

Draining the oil...

Hard to get an action shot!!

Merlin found Damian under Booger Mobile and proceeded to inappropriately tongue Damian's face!!

This could be the reason the pan gasket was leaking!!

And this grunge inside probably isn't good, either!!


So clean you could almost eat off it!!

Selfie while adding transmission fluid!!

Fixed... test driven and looking awesome!!

Damian is still sad about the decision to retire Booger Mobile...  Has he made the right decision?

Only time will tell…

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Farewell from Booger Mobile

After a tremendous amount of soul-searching, a few tears and questioning whether he's doing the right thing, Damian has decided to retire Booger Mobile from the Camp Quality esCarpade, effective immediately.

Having had a good run over the past seven years, with some highs, some lows and plenty of memorable moments, Damian feels that the time is right to let the poor old girl have a well-earned rest. 

The past few years have seen Booger Mobile hit a few ruts and potholes (literally and figuratively), not to mention the frustrating fuel problems that seem to follow Damian from town to town. 

It would be fair to say that the current fuel gauge problem (coupled with the terrible drive home from the companion training day) have convinced Damian that the time has come to say farewell on behalf of Booger Mobile.