Friday, 29 November 2013

Fundraising - Vans Warped Tour 2013 - Brisbane

Vans Warped Tour - Brisbane 2013!!  Another signing tent adventure for Team Booger Mobile, with the festival put on by the same promoters as the Soundwave Festival!!

This time, it was Damian, Kate and Vivien fundraising, plus some crazy volunteers for the event itself!!

First job - writing out the tickets!!

Kate posing with the Camp Quality signage!!

Selfie with Kate...

The first artists started up - the signing tent was in the middle of the action!!

Jo aka Mrs Soundwave!!  Damian looking safe in his earplugs!!

The crowd starts to grow at the main stage...

Damian found Wally!!

The action on the halfpipe draws a crowd...

Damian poses with miniature 2-dimensional Kylie (a picture of a girl he used to work with), who was attending Vans Warped with her friend.

BMX bikes on the halfpipe!!

The bands started to roll through the unusually small signing tent...

The crowds were patient...

Some were sunsmart...

This band member supported Team Booger Mobile so much, she dyed her hair green!!

Reel Big Fish were a Reel Big Hit as per usual!!

Of course, who doesn't get their back signed?

More stunt riding to keep the crowd entertained...

This guy was munching on a cob of corn when he arrived...

The crowd lined up to see the band...

And he passed his partially munched cob of corn out, and people took a bite and passed it on!!

This dude ended up with it, and was pretty pleased with himself!!

As per usual, there were some intricate tattoos on display!!

Time for Vivien to head off... but always time for a selfie with Damian!!

More bands came and went...

Some came through the signing tent...

Night-time came and the sky got dark...

And a selfie with Kate just for a lark!!

One of the last bands through the signing tent... nearly time to pack up and head...

To the main stage to watch The Offspring!!

Good zoom!!

The Offspring take the stage!!


Time for a few songs...

And even The Offspring support Team Booger Mobile - check out their green logo!!

Noodles...  looking good for someone as old as Damian (or there abouts)!!

Well, a brilliant day came to an end, and thanks to the Vans Warped Tour Brisbane, a whopping $1252.85 was raised!!

Damian can't wait till next year!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Camp Quality South Qld Christmas Party

As he has for the past seven years, Damian was again invited to perform MC duties at the Camp Quality South Queensland Christmas Party, put on by the Lions' Clubs of Bribie Island and surrounding areas.

As per usual, there were rides for the kids...

The Star Wars character guys wandered around, delighting big and small alike!

This Storm Trooper was keeping a good eye on Damian's older son.

Time for  the Firies to do their thing... and time for Damian to take the radio mic out of the firing line!!

Thar she blows!!

Time for a well earned drenching!!

Damian's boys decided that Tricia needed a cooling off!!

Time for the formal part of the day, and some Christmas carols!!


The Wallum Action Group made a large donation to Camp Quality - EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS!!  (Sadly, this doesn't count towards Team Booger Mobile's fundraising total!!)

Former camper Tarnikka turned up and had a selfie with Damian...

And of course, what Christmas party would be complete without sitting on Santa's lap!!

Another fun time was had at the Christmas party, although the crowd did seem down on previous years...  Hopefully 2014 will see an influx of people!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Donation - Qld Corvette Club Inc

Keen to get the fundraising started for Team Booger Mobile for the 2014 Camp Quality esCarpade, Peter from the Qld Corvette Club Inc presented Damian with a cheque for $500.

The Qld Corvette Club Inc have been massive supporters of Camp Quality over the years, and for the past five years have supported Team Booger Mobile, who have been special guests at the Corvettes on the Coast event.

Damian looks forward to taking Booger Mobile to the 2014 event!!