Friday, 31 July 2009

Booger Mobile - Full Pictures!

As promised, here is a complete set of photos of Booger Mobile, taken from plenty of angles!! If there is an angle you would like to see, post a comment below!

This weekend Scottie and Damian are buffing the Booger Mobile and sorting out some other bits and pieces ready for their next big outing - the Gold Coast All Ford Day on 9 August 2009.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Grand Unveiling!!

Before the grand unveiling could take place, Damian had to put some stickers on Booger Mobile. First, a nice Camp Quality sticker on the rear window...

Followed by some Cadist Consulting stickers and another Camp Quality sticker on the front window...

The first stickers went on with no problems, however when it came to the full size Cadist Consulting sticker to go along the top of the rear window, Damian had a minor mishap! While wetting the sticker down with the spray bottle (wet-sticking allows for stickers to be moved around to level/centre them nicely), Damian slipped and dropped the sticker onto the shed floor!! After turning the air blue (to match the sticker) and scraping off most of the dirt, the sticker was attached, with only a couple of small specks of dirt stuck under it!!

Later Scottie arrived, and there was only one sticker left to be attached! The final sticker to be attached was the blog sticker - quite nicely stuck diagonally across the front windscreen!

Once the last sticker had been attached, chrome polished and provisions acquired ready for the grand unveiling, Booger Mobile was loaded onto the car trailer (kindly supplied by Blow-in Shopfitting) at around 9:30pm Friday night, and Scottie and Damian went inside to complete the sign board and other bits and pieces.

Damian also received a call from the man who was providing the sticker for Blow-In Shopfitting, with arrangements made to call him when the boys arrived at Nambour so he could attach the sticker.

Scottie went to bed around 11pm, while Damian completed the sign board, getting to bed around 12:30am. The alarm went off at 4am, and the boys had some coffee before heading off to Nambour - Scottie told Damian that the swap meet was very popular, so they'd have to get there early!

They arrived around 5:30am to find the swap meet grounds absolutely packed out - well over a thousand sites already taken up. Damian started to feel a little uneasy about finding a spot large enough to accomodate the Booger Mobile on its trailer and his Patrol, so they purchased two spots. Driving through to their allocated spot, the boys got a premium position in the undercover horse arena! Here's Booger Mobile on arrival...

All set up now with the Camp Quality banner and Ford flag on display...

Team Booger Mobile also have some official team stickers that have been made up, so if you see this sticker around, you know you are following a Team Booger Mobile member or supporter!

The completed sign-board was a big hit. One side telling the story of Booger Mobile,

the other side telling the story of Camp Quality!

Damian phoned John the sticker man to let him know they had arrived, and continued taking pictures while waiting!

Shortly before 6:30am, the Blow-In Shopfitting sticker was attached to Booger Mobile. Looks great, doesn't it!!

A bit later in the day, one of the Camp Quality parent's dropped by, bringing a choko with him to compare the colour... It makes a guest appearance in most of the photos from this point on!!

The day continued...

and so did the picture taking!

There's that darn choko again!

Some more shots of the Booger Mobile from varying angles were taken!

The boys really love the way the colour seems to change depending on the light and the angle the photo is taken from!

Yet another angle...

Don't forget the blog address!!

Look at those lovely lines!

And the back looks pretty good too!!

All in all, the grand unveiling was a great success! Quite a few hundred people wandered past, some stopping to chat so Damian could spread the word about Camp Quality, some dropping some money in the donation tin, and some offering parts as per the Parts Wanted list!

At upcoming events, look for the above Camp Quality sign, and the below Ford flag, and you will have found Booger Mobile!! (That's if the bright green glow doesn't attract your attention first!!)

Thanks to those who took the time to come and visit us. Several Team Booger Mobile family members, one CQ parent, one Australian Ford Forum member (who identified himself - there may have been others), and plenty of members of the general public!!

See you at the next one - the Gold Coast All Ford Day on Sunday August 9!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Operation Reconstruction

Saturday morning rolled around, and Scott arrived early with his wife and daughter in tow. Damian also had a visitor staying, one of his former campers from Camp Quality Nik, who had come to visit for the weekend.

Getting to work, the boys (with the "help" of all and sundry) commenced attaching the doors. A mammoth effort saw three doors and the boot on by lunch time (what a pain door alignment is!!).

After lunch, the final door was attached (proving to be the most difficult of them all), while Damian completed the engine bay (bonnet hinges, suspension turrets etc, along with respraying the black sections to fix up green overspray).

This is how the engine bay now looks!

Some more badges etc were also attached...

Along with most of the external chrome (excluding the side trim - the boys need to acquire new clips for that). Booger Mobile was then given a thorough wash to remove little bits of grunge and dust that had fallen onto it, and the windows were washed inside and out for the first time in at least five years...

Here's a sneak peek at the reattached chrome!!

The good news is that Booger Mobile is READY to be unveiled to the world on Saturday 25 July 2009 at the Nambour Swap Meet. Rest assured for those followers who can't get there, Damian will be posting a full set of pictures of Booger Mobile after the event!!

Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Reconstruction begins...

Since an appointment Damian had for Thursday evening was cancelled, he decided to get to work cleaning and reattaching some of the sundry bits and pieces that were removed...

First was the FALCON individual letters that go along the back of the car (below the boot lid)...

followed by the tail lights...

and of course the Super Pursuit badges...

There were a few other items attached, but in keeping with the minimal photos philosophy, that's enough for one night!

Don't forget to come see us at the Nambour Swap Meet on Saturday 25 July 2009!!