Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Booger Mobile is home...

And is parked in the shed ready for reassembly...

The cone of silence is now lowered - there will be plenty of updates over the next week or so, but not too many photos!!

Booger Mobile will be unveiled to the world shortly... Come and see us at the Nambour Swap Meet - details as follows:

Saturday 25 July 2009

Nambour Show Grounds
Nambour (Queensland)


  1. Looking Good. How's the head coming along?

  2. No difference at this point - been concentrating on the body first... moving onto the head next (after the grand unveiling!)

  3. So things are really coming together now hope you can put it back together the right way, just joking know that you can do it.But sad that i won t get to see it for a while. The show grounds are a bit too far away for me to go and see green B/M in first outing, good luck with that.will just have to wait until you put up a pic of it there

  4. There will be teaser pics, just no further pics of the whole car until after the unveiling!

  5. Trying to get Luke to agree to come to this!