Sunday, 12 July 2009

Display sign taking shape!

Scottie had the day off Sunday as he had come down on Saturday to help Damian get Booger Mobile to Drift Bodyworx.

Not being one to rest on his laurels, Damian decided to get started on the display sign for Booger Mobile (that will be placed near the car when at car shows, swap meets etc). Here it is so far!

Funnily enough, Scottie did stop by on his way through from Brisbane to borrow Damian's computer to check his bank balance (long story about a misplaced keycard - thankfully it turned up and all was fine!) He had been to the Caboolture Markets earlier, and had picked up a very dusty orange rotating light!! After Damian pulled it apart and cleaned it, this is how it looked!

Scottie also managed to pick up a nice Ford flag - being modelled by Damian's delightful wife, Tricia! (It wasn't being modelled by her at the time of Scottie picking it up... oh never mind...) The flag will be on display also, so when you are wandering around, look for the bright green car with the Ford flag!!

Booger Mobile should be back from the shop on Monday, so stay tuned for the big colour reveal!

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  1. We told you she was having too much red wine!