Sunday, 5 July 2009

Priming is FINISHED!!

Day two of the second weekend-long marathon in a row dawned with one goal in mind - complete the priming/undercoat so that Booger Mobile would be ready to paint!

Lots of fiddly bits to be done - first the rubbing back of the dash.

And the door jams too!!

Scottie performed a minor repair to the bottom of one of the doors...

Then it was time to paper up the car to protect the existing primed surfaces...

It took about ten times longer to paper/tape the dash than it did to sand it!!

Other small random pieces were laid out on a piece of spare chipboard ready for their primer!

The door looks great!

As do the random bits...

And the dash too!

Matter of fact, the whole car is starting to look awesome now that it's all the same colour!

See - I told you!!

Even the dash looks a treat!

The boys even did the passenger side!

Then it was time for the inside of the bonnet...

And here it is finished!

The boot-lid and the rest of the doors (2 not shown) were done also!

After the priming was finished, the new primer was wet-rubbed back by Damian to get it all nice and smooth ready for painting...

Alas, there is a sharp bit under the bonnet that Damian found with his finger!!

So there you have it... Booger Mobile is now ready for painting!! Both Damian and Scottie have bled for the vehicle, and all going well, next weekend the top coats should be going on...

Stay tuned!!

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