Saturday, 4 July 2009

Blowing the doors off!

Scottie arrived bright and early Saturday morning to commence work on Booger Mobile, finding Damian still in his pyjamas looking through photos of last week's Senior Camp. Scottie looked through them and drew further inspiration from the smiling, happy faces of the campers and companions alike!

Getting down to it, Booger Mobile was towed out from the shed using Scott's winch, and he continued where he left off last week - wet-rubbing the exterior of the car. Meanwhile, Damian grabbed the petrol tank and scraped and sanded it back ready for painting with fake-chrome paint!

Scottie came in complaining of a bleeding finger...

Damian noted that Scott had literally worked his fingers to the bone! He then sprayed a couple of coats of fake-chrome onto the petrol tank.

Damian's boys decided that they would like to help Scott lay some more undercoat on patches where the rubbing back had revealed bare metal.

They were so excited about it!!

Once they had a turn, Scott completed the remainder of the priming, and did the final wet-rub of the exterior. Cue another gratuitous shot of a reflection on the roof! Shiny!!

Since the boys removed the brakes - they were seized, which made it extremely difficult to push Booger Mobile back into the shed - they were able to push Booger Mobile back into the shed without much grief this time!

They then proceeded to remove the bonnet, boot lid and doors ready to prepare the door jams etc for painting.

See, told you!! (Ignore the mess - it's a shed!)

Damian continued his usual effort of painting random objects - this time bonnet hinges!

Then it was time to tape up the engine bay ready for priming!

And from a different angle...

A fantastic job don't you think?!?!?!

And from another angle...

Things are still on target to be ready for painting next weekend... must contact the spray-painter to confirm!

After some drinks and home-made cheesecake, it was time for a blog post then bed... back into it again in the morning!!

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  1. OMG coming on real fast now and looking real good. Job well done keep it up and you ll be finished before you know it. Glad to see the both Damian and Scottie have red blood ha ha.
    PS trust Damian to cut himself lmao