Sunday, 30 September 2012

Camp Quality Senior Camp 2012

Regular blog readers would realise that as well as being an entrant in the Camp Quality esCarpade, Damian is also a companion with Camp Quality, attending numerous camps each year.

This time round, it was the South Queensland Senior Camp.

Damian hopped on a big yellow bus, and headed into town.

The day started with an amazing race, where Damian met some interesting characters...

Found some interesting points...

Saw some interesting things...

Ate some interesting lollies while performing self portraits...

And generally repped Team Booger Mobile... (the pink bandana is from being in the Pink team for the Amazing Race, which was actually more an amazing stroll around Brisbane!!)

The next day, he headed to Kangaroo Point, past this interesting artwork...

Some kids went rock climbing, some abseiled, some went kayaking... Damian went cycling!!

On Friday, they all headed over to Moreton Island on this boat...

Where they stayed until they witnessed an amazing sunset...

And fed some interesting creatures!!  (Damian nearly got eaten by a shark - ask him about the story sometime!!)

Saturday morning breakfast, and Damian left his coffee unattended to get some raisin toast... when he returned, it had turned blue (as if by magic!!)

Not being perturbed by this, Damian joined the fun by having a mouthful... thereby instantly turning his tongue a bright shade of blue!!

That night, it was Riverfire!!

Plus a disco with lollie bar - the theme was Fire and Ice!!

Damian contemplated another awesome camp coming to a close...

As per usual, camp rules dictate that no pictures of campers be posted online.  You can rest assured that they did indeed have a great time... it was the final camp for Damian's three campers this year, making the disco night an emotional night for all.

Camp Quality - making a difference in the lives of children living with cancer and their families!!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Silver Sponsor - Olsta Designs

Team Booger Mobile welcome their third Silver Sponsor for the week, Olsta Designs!!

Olsta Designs specialise in websites, logo and promotional materials.  The new sponsor stickers applied by Damian (in the blog post on 24 September 2012) were provided by Olsta Designs.

(There's also a little surprise that was also from Olsta Designs, but Damian doesn't want to ruin it before esCarpade, so keep an eye out for that!!)

Visit Olsta Designs on the web at

Silver Sponsor - EVO Security

Team Booger Mobile are stoked to welcome EVO Security as a new Silver Sponsor!!

Elite Venue Operations perform all facets of security, whether you are after static guards, event security, personal protection or a whole lot more, EVO Security offer quality security services from professional trained staff.

Visit EVO Security on the web at

Silver Sponsor - Poly Flex Australia

Team Booger Mobile would like to welcome Silver Sponsor Poly Flex Australia!!

Poly Flex Australia specialise in advanced polymer technology for vibration control.  This includes such things as engine mounts and drive couplings, plus a whole host of other cool stuff for a variety of industries.

If you have polyurethane needs, why not contact Poly Flex Australia?  Visit them on the web at

New Sponsor Stickers and Cable Tidy-Up

Today's blog post brought to you by Wadnot Joinery.

Today, Damian went and collected some stickers for new sponsors...  EVO Security is going on this space...

Yep, there it is!!

And as an added bonus, they get this space also!!


Also a good option, tidying up some of the wiring that Damian had left hanging around after installing the new lights.  First the front...

Then the rear...

Then, it was time to stick some more stickers... who would be going on this door?

Olsta Designs, that's who!!

And Poly Flex Australia!!

Adding some much needed colour to the car!!

Welcome aboard EVO Security, Olsta Designs and Poly Flex Australia!!  Be sure to check out their sponsor pages for more information about how they can help you!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

2012 esCarpade Route Details and Map

The following information has been directly copied from the official Camp Quality esCarpade site.  Hopefully it's close to being correct!!  The map at the bottom of the post was put together by Damian, and shows the overnight and lunch stops for the days of esCarpade.

Team Booger Mobile are going to drive to and from the event as always... the distances to and from are somewhat shorter than last year (thank goodness says Damian)!!

Booger Mobile HQ to Newcastle - 841km (New England Highway) - Thursday 11 October 2012
Canberra to Booger Mobile - 1297km (Newell Highway) - Saturday 20 October 2012

It would be slightly shorter to use the Pacific Motorway in each direction, but that's not a road that Team Booger Mobile are particularly keen on travelling on!!

Read on for a rundown of each day, or skip to the bottom for a map if you like pretty pictures!!

NEWCASTLE Friday 12th October 2012

9am - 2pm Scrutineering
5pm - 6pm Event & Safety briefing
6.30pm - 10pm Opening Night Celebration

DAY 1 - NEWCASTLE TO MUDGEE Saturday 13th October 2012

From Newcastle the track heads west, through the Hunter region passing the front door of some of Australia's most prolific wind producers, including Mt Pleasant, Drayton's, Arrow Field, Lindermans and Tyrells Wines.

Once through the Hunter we continue west where we pull the handbrake on for a spot of lunch.

The afternoon drive follows a valley road which cuts through the Great Dividing Range between Coolah Tops and Goulburn River National Parks. When we emerge on the other side we're greeted by the picturesque and fertile Mudgee Valley, our hosts for the first night on esCarpade.

DAY 2 - MUDGEE TO FORBES Sunday 14th October 2012

Our morning track on Day 2 detours north around Lake Burrandong and through Wellington. From there we head south running parallel to the western bank of the lake. Closer to Orange we pass through the gold rush region of Ophir, before dropping into Orange from the West.

After lunch we follow Burrandong Way north out of Orange but soon turn west towards Molong following the winding Belgravia Rd all the way. After passing through Molong we turn south passing through Manildra and Cudal. Rather than following the main road into Forbes from here, we take a looped detour to the North, dropping into town from the North east.

DAY 3 - FORBES TO GRIFFITH Monday 15th October 2012

This is the first day a real outback driving. Our track to Lake Cargeligo is long and dusty however the effects of La Nina are obvious. Midway through the morning we come across Nerang Cowal, usually a dry inland marsh which during our first survey was up to the edge of the road and loaded with wildlife. Similarly when we arrive for lunch at Lake Cargeligo, the lake is right up the edge of town.

The afternoon drive follows dirt roads through Rankin Springs and then down the eastern boundary of Cocoparra National Park, the mountain range which overlooks Griffith. Our entry into Griffith is anything but conventional as we drive the edge of a canal for the last 10 km.

DAY 4 - GRIFFITH Tuesday 16th October 2012

Turn your engines off and frolic by foot on your free day in Griffith!

DAY 5 - GRIFFITH TO WAGGA WAGGA Wednesday 17th October 2012

The morning's track is completely guided by canals – given that we're in the heart of MIA (Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area). Firstly we follow the Leeton canal all the way from Griffith to Leeton. Then once we cross the Murrumbidgee River, we take Main Canal Rd to the outskirts of Jerilderie. Jerilderie was made famous by Ned Kelly in 1879 when he held the town hostage for a few days while he dictated an 8000 word letter known as the Jerilderie Letter. Jerilderie is also a turning point for esCarpade because it marks the point where we turn east and head back towards the ACT. Our afternoon is almost due east through Overton, Rand and Henty before driving into Wagga Wagga from the South.

DAY 6 - WAGGA WAGGA TO TUMUT Thursday 18th October 2012

As the crow flies lunch is not very far away, in fact only 75km. But in true esCarpade style we manage to turn that 75km into a fantastic 210km semicircle taking in a couple of State Forests and crossing the Hume at Holbrook before stopping for lunch at Culcairn. After lunch it's back across the Hume and past the historic site where Mad Dog Morgan shot and killed Sergeant McGinnity in 1864. We then pass through Tumbarumba and weave our way through Bago and Green Hills State Forests before arriving in Tumut.

DAY 7 - TUMUT TO CANBERRA Friday 19th October 2012

With the Brindabellas conveniently located to our east, it's pretty obvious where we're headed once breakfast is finished. We spend the better part of the morning in and out of forests and emerge to the north following the Murrumbidgee into Jugiong for lunch. After lunch we follow the Murrumbidgee again, taking a different track back into the Brindabellas. We drop down the east side of Wee Jasper State Forest, calling into  Wee Jasper at the bottom before climbing out the other side using Doctors Flat Rd. Once we clear the bush, the route passes through Urayarra Crossing, Coppins Crossing and then heads into the city for a final parade.

Another exciting esCarpade is now a little over two and a half weeks away!!  Damian is excited!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Random happenings at Booger Mobile HQ

Today's blog post brought to you by Cadist Consulting.  Business software development specialists, and coincidentally, Damian's company!!

The accelerator cable issues needed to be resolved, which meant changing the angle of the dangle and switching back to an XD type cable...

Time to make a new spacer for the firewall - the old one did it's job admirably, but perished over time.

New spacer installed...

To get the angle right, the original air cleaner was removed, and the smaller K&N filter air cleaner with custom mounts installed.

Nice straight pull on the cable, and clearing the air cleaner!!  Booya!!

Hmmm... looks like there needs to be a slight adjustment of the cable... but how?

Damian tested the addition of a lead ball sinker to close the gap on a spare cable... it worked a treat!!

Here's the real cable, with two sinkers and some heat shrink to hold it all together!!  (What could possibly go wrong???)

Cleaning the inside of the air cleaner lid in order to stick on some foam tape to prevent dust sneaking through...  Shiniest inner lid ever!!

And installed...

Next stop - Damian isn't too fussed with the white indicator lights on the front.  Of course, being a combination indicator/park light, they don't use a standard indicator bulb (available in amber), they use a two-stage bulb only available in white or red.

However, they do make special globe paint, which is what Damian used!!

Bulbs hanging up drying.

Meanwhile, the musical air horns are still not working...  Time to pull them apart again!!

Whoa... look at all those pieces!!

The results of the amber painted globe... pretty good, eh?

And the air horn compressor back together again!!

Alas, the compressor still doesn't work (it's probably worn out), but given that Damian paid $20 for it three years ago, it's probably worked as well as can be expected!!

Two and a half weeks to go until esCarpade... holy crappola!!

Stay tuned... more to come, including some new sponsors!!