Sunday, 16 September 2012

2012 Corvettes on the Coast

"Estimated time of arrival 7:30am... been up before the sun and now I'm tired before I even begin"...

Apologies to the Hoodoo Gurus for the paraphrased first line of this blog.  Sunday brang with it a very early start for Damian to collect Booger Mobile from the shed and get down to the 2012 Corvettes on the Coast event at the Broadwater Parklands at Southport!!

Cruising down the highway - always a good time for a self-portrait!!  (Damian is wearing a lap-belt in case anyone is concerned that he's not wearing his seatbelt!!)

The Gateway Bridge(s).  Cruising over in Booger Mobile is definitely more sensible than walking it dressed as a clown!!  (Hello to Agent Q and the rest of the clowns!!)

Heading down the highway, Damian notices a shiny black Corvette...  bet he knows where that's going!!

Check it out... 110 km/hr!!

Past Dreamworld...

And into the Broadwater Parklands, where Team Afro were already waiting!!  After arriving, Damian helped get the marquee set up and then commenced selling raffle tickets...


Lots of Corvettes on display...

This bloke hand makes these signs out of corrugated iron - amazing stuff!!  He's regularly at the Mt Tamborine markets apparently...

Booger Mobile acquires a balloon... the esCarpade shenanigans have kicked off already!!

Queensland Corvette Club...  great supporters of Camp Quality for 18 years!!

Awesome trophies to hand out...  Sadly none went to Booger Mobile!!  In fairness, it's a Ford, not a Corvette!!

Looking back across the Corvettes to the Camp Quality marquee...

Still shiny!!

Checking out the ground clearance...

Snappy self portrait with the raffle prizes, the raffle tickets and a sneaky photo-bomber!!

Back home in the shed...

Booger Mobile went quite well on the trip down and back... a bit of coughing and spluttering after refueling (seems familiar), but other than that, all seems to be going well... it even stayed below 95C in a traffic jam that went for a couple of km at very, very slow speeds with lots of stopping and starting... happy days!!

Stay tuned for more exciting blogs soon!!


  1. Proud of you Booger-Mobile
    (and all your dedicated crew, helpers etc)

  2. Was really great to see the Mighty Booger Mobile cruising along the Highway doing 110km, and over the Gateway Bridge once again.
    There was some very nice Corvettes,but none a Beautiful as the Booger Mobile.Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Thank you for all your hard work,as always doing it for the kids.