Monday, 24 September 2012

New Sponsor Stickers and Cable Tidy-Up

Today's blog post brought to you by Wadnot Joinery.

Today, Damian went and collected some stickers for new sponsors...  EVO Security is going on this space...

Yep, there it is!!

And as an added bonus, they get this space also!!


Also a good option, tidying up some of the wiring that Damian had left hanging around after installing the new lights.  First the front...

Then the rear...

Then, it was time to stick some more stickers... who would be going on this door?

Olsta Designs, that's who!!

And Poly Flex Australia!!

Adding some much needed colour to the car!!

Welcome aboard EVO Security, Olsta Designs and Poly Flex Australia!!  Be sure to check out their sponsor pages for more information about how they can help you!!

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  1. Nice work you had done, I love these transparent stickers, color combination is good regarding the car.