Saturday, 1 September 2012

Front Springs - The Saga Continues...

Having had a week to ponder the issue, Damian came to the conclusion that although it was sweet that Booger Mobile looked like a monster truck, the firmness of the front springs were something that would likely cause him a problem on the esCarpade...  Sadly, they had to go!!


First step though, to prepare for the new leaf springs on the back, it was time to remove the Ironman Load Plus spring helpers...

And there they are... they did a great job providing a little more support in the rear in 2011, but as you can see from the picture above, they have their own issues on bumpy ground!!

Damian fished out the springs that were originally going to go into Booger Mobile - ones from the XD Falcon wagon (that the transmission and stub axles/disc brake assembly came from).

As you can see below, they are still markedly taller than the blue springs that were removed!!

Time to clean off the little bits of surface rust and grime from lying around for the past couple of years...


And paint them a lovely green colour...

And upside down (well, right way up for the car), after the second coat!!

Time to remove the new springs... this was going to be a mission!!

Off with the spring cover and on with the spring clamps...

And with a bit of gentle persuasion, the spring was out!!  So much easier than getting it IN!!

Uh oh...  the victory was short lived.  While damian was removing the spring clamps from the spring (after it was removed from the car), one of the spring clamps broke... that's two sets now!!  These springs are cursed!!

With the spring clamps broken, there was nothing Damian could do to continue.  A trip to the auto store is in store for Father's Day in the morning, to get the spring clamps replaced...

Stay tuned for the reveal - hopefully sometime on Sunday!!


  1. I hope you didn't do that all yourself. I don't want you getting stuck under Booger!! Oh & good work ;o)

    1. Yes, I was all by my lonesome... my partner in crime is away working still...

      -- D

  2. Sad about the broken clamps
    Glad you got your act together and painted the springs a beautiful Booger green
    Keep up the good work because it looks like these spring are not gong to play nice,so you have another saga lol
    Thank you Damian for all your hard work

    1. Thanks Kaye... it's been a bit of a struggle this year - seems like the esCarpade has snuck up on me!!

      Thanks for YOUR support.

      -- D.