Saturday, 22 September 2012

Random happenings at Booger Mobile HQ

Today's blog post brought to you by Cadist Consulting.  Business software development specialists, and coincidentally, Damian's company!!

The accelerator cable issues needed to be resolved, which meant changing the angle of the dangle and switching back to an XD type cable...

Time to make a new spacer for the firewall - the old one did it's job admirably, but perished over time.

New spacer installed...

To get the angle right, the original air cleaner was removed, and the smaller K&N filter air cleaner with custom mounts installed.

Nice straight pull on the cable, and clearing the air cleaner!!  Booya!!

Hmmm... looks like there needs to be a slight adjustment of the cable... but how?

Damian tested the addition of a lead ball sinker to close the gap on a spare cable... it worked a treat!!

Here's the real cable, with two sinkers and some heat shrink to hold it all together!!  (What could possibly go wrong???)

Cleaning the inside of the air cleaner lid in order to stick on some foam tape to prevent dust sneaking through...  Shiniest inner lid ever!!

And installed...

Next stop - Damian isn't too fussed with the white indicator lights on the front.  Of course, being a combination indicator/park light, they don't use a standard indicator bulb (available in amber), they use a two-stage bulb only available in white or red.

However, they do make special globe paint, which is what Damian used!!

Bulbs hanging up drying.

Meanwhile, the musical air horns are still not working...  Time to pull them apart again!!

Whoa... look at all those pieces!!

The results of the amber painted globe... pretty good, eh?

And the air horn compressor back together again!!

Alas, the compressor still doesn't work (it's probably worn out), but given that Damian paid $20 for it three years ago, it's probably worked as well as can be expected!!

Two and a half weeks to go until esCarpade... holy crappola!!

Stay tuned... more to come, including some new sponsors!!

1 comment:

    That its only three and a half week till the Mighty Booger Mobile will be cruising along all the High ways and byways on the Camp Quality 2012 esCarpade.
    With everything that good go wrong and did go wrong,nothing frazzed the AWESOME Damian, he just kept at it and has finally has the Booger Mobile ready to be able to travel all the high ways.
    Great work today getting a lot of the tasks finished to perfection.With some fantastic picture for us all to see.
    Well done Damian for every thing you do for the great cause "CAMP QUALITY"