Sunday, 2 September 2012

Front Springs - the punchline...

Today's blog post brought to you by Team Booger Mobile's good friends at Tekton Interior Fitouts.

First up, Damian headed out to return the broken spring compressors and purchase some new ones.

Next, remove the super-strong spring from the passenger side...

There it is!!

Comparison of the super-strong yellow springs to the green ones.  The yellow springs have less coils, but thicker wire.  The green ones are slightly taller.

Compress the green spring for the driver's side.  Note how much further (and easier) they compress!!

Shove it in, just need to get the spring saddle into the correct position.

Uh oh!!  The spring jumped out and bit Damian on the thumb!!  Sheesh, that hurt!!

After being tamed by Damian, the spring was installed.

And everything put back together...

Next up, the passenger side, which again, was slightly easier than the driver's side - although the spring did jump out and whack Damian on the ankle (and then again getting him on the leg)!!  Dangerous work this spring fitting!!

Damian's son Jordan came up to the shed and took over camera duties, while Damian removed the spring compressors from the passenger side.

And gently opening the spring so it will let go of the spring compressor!!


On goes the strut tower...

Getting it positioned...

And tightening up the bolts.

Check out that photography!!

Jordan went a little crazy with the camera... here are a selection of his photos...

Nice shot of giggle!!

Jordan helping tighten the wheel nuts...

And down off the jack stands...  looks the same height as the super-tough springs...  Measures the same height also!!  Time for a test drive...

Jordan took this action shot of the test drive...

Aidan (sitting in the middle seat) took this one.

And parked in Damian's side driveway...

The springs have settled a bit...

But still plenty of ground clearance!!

That's a much more sensible height, and the ride was much more comfy also!!

Back in the shed, after reversing in, the springs reverted to their pre-test drive height...

Well, at least Damian has finally had a win with the front springs.  He will take Booger Mobile to a spring shop to get the rear leaf springs replaced, and while they are at it, they can test the front springs and decide if they need replacing or not.  If they do need replacing, they can replace them with XD Wagon front coil springs, or something that has the same wire thickness and coil height!!

esCarpade is now only 5.5 weeks away, and Jason is still away working.  It's going to be a big few weeks when he returns!!


  1. Hoping that your thumb isn't too badly hurt! It looks pretty painful :'( Otherwise Booger Mobile is looking grand & glorious!!! Can't wait to see the end product :)

    1. I'm hurting this morning... lots of bark off and bruising, but meh, that's par for the course I think!

      -- D.