Sunday, 8 February 2009

Booger Mobile - Our entry for the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade...

Well, today, Scott and Damian (along with their wives) got together to come up with a theme for their entry into the 2010 Camp Quality esCarpade.

After many discussions, plenty of laughs, much eye-rolling and chuckling from the females, and plenty of sketches (here's hoping that our vehicle preparation ability outstrips our sketching ability), the theme for our entry was born!!

Booger Mobile

(Artists Impression)

Just remember - it's for the kids!


  1. Hope all goes to plan

  2. Can't wait to partake in the esCarpade and raise some much needed funds for Camp Quality.

  3. In the begining Damian and Scottie created the BOOGER MOBILE with the help of their wives. It would be a long and tedoius task.But that dream is now almost complete.Well done TEAM BOOGER MOBILE