Sunday, 17 June 2012

Off with the head... AGAIN!!!

Sunday rolled around and Jason was meant to be coming to work on Booger Mobile.  Damian didn't believe Jason would remember, so was reading the paper when Jason arrived!!

Today was the day for decisions about the head issues...

and the decision was... OFF WITH THE HEAD!!  (Again... lolsigh)

First up, drop the coolant on the well-watered weeds out the front of Damian's shed...

Jason brought his miniature rattle gun with him, so after cracking the bolts by hand, they were easy to rattle out of there!!

Head removed, and inspection undertaken... seems that there is a bit of a crack in the exhaust manifold also - hopefully nothing too serious.

Keep these in order - it's important!!

Two spare heads were being taken with the one from Booger Mobile to Dave at Wadnot Joinery, who was going to organise for the head issues to be sorted out.  One from the original 200 6cyl engine, and one spare 250 head.

The block looks great - no issues there, which is a bonus!!  (Touch wood!!)

One of the stops was to visit Jason't father in law, who just happens to have a spare-parts XP Falcon in his yard...  Check that out - it has an exhaust manifold!!

After striking trouble on a couple of bolts, it was decided to leave it there and collect it if the one on the head from Booger Mobile couldn't be salvaged.

The heads were delivered to Dave, and it was decided that there was too much work to be done on the 200 head (it's a high compression head that would need some CNC machining to reduce compression - a good option if the other one is completely useless, but a lot of effort if it's not).

With the 2012 esCarpade less than 4 months away, it's really time to get cracking on the car!!

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

    It was around this time last year that the Booger Mobiles head was removed for the second time for some never ending repairs,on the engine.Looks like things haven't changed, with the on going saga with the engine,lets hope it not to bad,and can be easy solved. (Good luck with that lol )
    With the Camp Quality 2012 esCapade drawing ever closer,will Damian and Jason have the Booger Mobile back to roaring down the highways,lets hope so.
    Great picture as always thank you Damian.