Sunday, 18 November 2012

2012 Camp Quality Middle Camp

Camp Quality Middle Camp rolled around again, and Damian was the Activity Leader... It was an action packed three day camp for 8-13 year old campers and siblings.  This year's camp theme - Jungle Fever!!

First stop - Wet'n'Wild... the kids got wet and went wild!!  Some of the adults did too!!

After a huge day in the sun (being sun safe of course), it was time for a giant inflatable outdoor cinema!!  Awesome!!

After some morning activities outdoors (rock climbing and archery), the heavens opened up, just as it was time for the undercover reptile show to take place... Here's Damian holding a rather large olive python!!

After lunch (and quiet time), the rain stopped and the sun came back out again - just in time for an enormous slip'n'slide...  the kids had a blast, and the arvo degenerated into a massive water fight... good times!!

Damian's costume for the disco... he went as a Tourist who was captured by some natives and made the special guest for dinner... little did he realise that the flames underneath him meant he WAS the dinner!!

The last day rolled around too quickly, and the morning was spent at Paradise Country...

The sheep herding, boomerang throwing and whip cracking was popular!!

After a BBQ lunch, it was time to board the buses and head home, exhausted.  This is why Team Booger Mobile fundraise... to send kids along to awesome camps like this one!!

(Sadly Camp Quality rules prevent the posting of any pictures of kids, so you'll just have to take Damian's word for it that they all had an awesome time!!)

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  1. Wow with all those Awesome things going on who wouldn't have a ball.Thank you Damian for sharing the fun times with us, all the great pictures and fantastic commenting.