Saturday, 25 January 2014

Time to get the ball rolling for 2014 - first stop - carby leak!!

Booger Mobile continues to be neglected and lonely in the shed, as it is after every esCarpade!!  Damian's Patrol decided that going BANG was preferable to continuing to drive, so Damian figured it might be time to sort out Booger Mobile's leaking carby issue, in case he needs to drive it!!

Of course, starting off with a gratuitous plug for Platinum Sponsor, Cadist Consulting.

Here's the before shot, so Damian can put it back kind of the same!!

New carby on the right (in pieces to check for crud in the float bowl), donor carby on the left.

Hmmm... wait a minute... the donor carby has a blocked off portion...

But Booger Mobile's carby has a hole that goes straight through!!

Voila!!  One blocked off hole!!

After putting back the carby, (having replaced the copper washer on the jet cover), Damian discovered that it was no longer dripping fuel... SUCCESS!!

Now to do something about the fuel economy, and the sticky throttle cable... and... and... and...

Damian also cleaned all the spark plugs and inside the distributor cap (not shown), which was a tad dusty!!  Mental note for next esCarpade - check these on the rest day!!

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