Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fuel problems surface again...

On 1 April, Damian had to attend the compulsory Camp Quality companion training day... He took Booger Mobile for a drive to give the newbies a good idea of the cars they could see if they came to esCarpade!!

The trip to training went beautifully well... the trip home was a disaster.  By the time Damian got half way home, in very heavy Saturday afternoon traffic, Booger Mobile was coughing, spluttering and stalling every time the engine went to idle.  Barely making it home (after some irate, impatient people showed their displeasure by leaning on their horns), Damian was a little annoyed and locked Booger Mobile in the shed.

The next morning, Damian thought he'd check things out.

Top off the carby, all seems fine.

Thinking that Booger Mobile might have had a bit of water in the fuel (or similar), Damian thought that biting the bullet and buying an expensive, water separating fuel filter might be the solution he's been looking for!!

With so much stuff under the bonnet, the only space Damian could find to mount such a large fuel filter was on the firewall...

Of course, to get to that, the entire underside of the dash on the passenger side needed to be removed...  Why wouldn't it?

There's the space to drill through...

Naturally, no installation would be complete without needing a custom bracket made - in this instance, to hold the fuel filter a little higher up the firewall in order to clear brake lines.

Angle grinding and taking a photo... Damian is multi-talented!!

Couple of mounting holes...

And a rubber spacer...  looking good!!

Paint the bracket...  Then of course, realise that there are two more holes required, drill them and repaint!!

Drill some holes in the firewall...

Attach the fuel hoses required...

And voila!!  Installation complete!!

After bleeding the fuel filter and going for a test drive, coughing, spluttering and stalling was sorted.  But would this be the end of the problems?

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