Sunday, 24 May 2009

Completion of major bodywork!

With the unveiling of Booger Mobile getting closer by the day, Scottie and Damian have their work cut out for them to get it completed in time.

The goals for today were
  1. Complete the front floor pan
  2. Complete the major bodywork
  3. Find jobs for Damian to do

Scottie arrived, and the boys got to work nice and early. Scottie completed the welding of rust holes in the front floor pans,

then moved on to the bodywork on the passenger side of Booger Mobile.

Damian attempted to make himself useful by locating the missing bolts for the front passenger guard, insisting that Scottie took his photo actually USING a socket spanner...

Meanwhile, the bodywork continued,

and Damian found the battery tray, sanded, rust converted and painted it matt black!

Scottie decided that the next task for Damian would be to sand back and paint (again with matt black) the front panel that the radiator etc bolts on to, so that the front chrome shines beautifully when it is reattached.

Once that was completed (goal number 3 - CHECK!!),

and the bodywork finished (goal number 2 - CHECK!!),

it was onto the front floor pans. Rust conversion

and blackjack were the orders of the day!

At Damian's insistance, Scottie painted the small strip between the floor pan and the boot space in matt black, thus completing the floor pans. Goal number 1 - CHECK!!

The end of another good day of work saw Scottie and Damian planning sponsorship letters and details, with options worked out for engine, suspension, exhaust and radiator, so if you are a business who handles one of these, feel free to contact Team Booger Mobile if you would like to help!!

Catch you next time!

1 comment:

  1. I've found a job for you... come to Maleny, and have a look under the hood/body/whatever of the camry thats here before I get it taken away for free. You can take what you want/need!!!

    And the I would at least be happy that it helped someone out!