Saturday, 9 May 2009

Working in the new shed!

The story continues...

After Operation Relocation, Scottie and Damian got down to the business of the day. Scottie was welding up the chassis rail at the front where it had a bit missing due to old age and rust, and Damian was clearing the insides and prepping the floor pans for repair.

The rusted chassis rail was in worse condition than first thought, but Scottie's ingenuity and metal origami skills have repaired it to be "stronger than the original"... Some minor filing and filling and a bit of black paint and it will be good as new!

Damian removed the chrome strips and lights from the boot and inside the car, carefully placing them to one side in the shed.

He then commenced power-brushing the pans with a nasty angle grinder with wire brush attachment... Keeping all his fingers and toes, the wire brush revealed numerous small holes to be repaired, and one slightly larger one that needs a small plate put over it to repair... All in all the floor pans weren't as bad as first thought... at last a small win!!

At the end of the day, the front chassis rail was now supporting the weight of the Booger Mobile without sagging or breaking, the internals were cleaned and prepped for repairs, and some planning had taken place for mounting points for the underbody protection plates...

All in all, a good day. We are aiming to unveil Booger Mobile to the world at the Nambour Swap Meet at the end of July - painted and all chrome back on it by this time... It will still be unregistered (and not going), so will need to be trailered up.

If anyone has access to a car trailer that they would like to lend to Scottie and Damian, please contact them on the numbers above!

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  1. Good to see I have got my saftey glasses on and my work boots. This was a mock photo and I would normally have my saftey gear on. So unless your all kitted up with PPE, then don't try this at home.
    I'm glad to be finally getting stuck into the pannel work on the BM, and looking forward to showing you all the finnished product.