Saturday, 28 November 2009

Brackets and bulldust...

After the boys had a weekend off last weekend, Scottie arrived bright and early ready to get down to business. On the agenda was the fabrication of some sort of bracket/linkage/white man magic to connect the accelerator cable to the carby.

While this was going on, Damian removed the rest of the suspension from the passenger side.

As Scottie was building the first of the brackets required, he discovered that the bracket was shaped a little like a car, so felt obliged to draw the rest of the car in!!

Sadly, once the bracket was completed, it didn't look much like a car any more... (there was a major design change from the first bracket above, but it's still there giving strength and support to the new bracket!!) The first bracket was to hold the linkages that worked the accelerator arm on the carby.

Once the first bracket was completed, it was onto the second bracket... Sadly there are no pictures of the first couple of designs. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, followed by throwing it into the too hard basket and having afternoon tea, Scottie completely changed tack and created a new design for the bracket... and the completed bracket was an absolute work of art!!

This is how the brackets work. The second bracket (to the left of the picture below) holds the accelerator cable, with the actual cable itself attaching to the linkage that is attached to the first bracket... confused? So were the boys!!

You may wonder what Damian did to occupy his time while Scottie spent all day making just TWO BRACKETS!! Well, he investigated the carby leaking issue and found a bit of gunge in the inlet, which was probably holding the needle and seat open and letting fuel through.

He also discovered that the carby screws to hold the top on are particularly dodgy, with four of them being stripped... That's a job for another day, replacing the dodgy screws with a set of bolt and nuts...

The rest of the time, Damian generally milled around and kept out of Scottie's way... also completing the removal and cleaning/painting of the passenger side suspension components, ready for reassembly with new ball joints etc next weekend!

With the new brackets in, and the carby fuel issue resolved, it was time for kicking Booger Mobile into life (it's a tradition now)!! Damian turned it over, and the engine fired into life, making an almighty crunch, crash, smash, bang noise!!

Turning the engine off quickly, Scottie discovered that the automatic gearbox had been kicked into gear, and without having completed the wiring, there was nothing to stop the engine from firing into life and turning the tailshaft, which was happily chewing a hole in Damian's shed floor!!

On the upside, the boys knew that that gearbox worked nicely... the downside was that Damian's shed floor now had a hole in it! No real damage done to the tailshaft, but the boys will always remember to check the gear selector is in PARK in future!! (Of course, once the switches are wired in, it won't turn over if it's in gear anyway!)

Another day, another exciting adventure!! Hopefully once these pesky brackets are done and dusted the boys will see some real progress (visible progress would be nice!) on Booger Mobile.

Damian will be at the Camp Quality christmas party at Bribie Island on Sunday, so if you are in the area, drop by and say hello!!


  1. As per usual Scottie arrived nice and early to get a good start on the "BOOGER MOBILE" Hope you had a coffee ready and waiting for him,a must have before starting on a long days work ahead of you both.
    Scottie does seem to be the magic man when it comes to fabricating the parts needed for
    Great that there was something for Damian to get stuck into, while Scottie attented to the tedious task ahead of him.
    The "BOOGER MOBILE is looking a bit sad with bit and pieces here and there but I sure that Damian and Scottie will have her back to her "CLASSIC" self once again before too long.
    Can't say thats Scotties drawing of a car was a masterpiece,but the end result sure was.Not magic but a lot of skill and determination and the end product was perfect."Well done once again Scottie".
    Excellence piece of investigating there Damian in finding the cause of leak from the carby,and the suspension and components look almost new, great work there.
    Always great to hear the sweet sound of the "BOOGER MOBILE" engine roar into life,luckly the tailshaft suffered no damage shame about the hole in the shed floor though.
    Another successful day well done "TEAM BOOGER MOBILE"

  2. Thanks Kaye.
    We make a good team when workin on the "BM" with Damian's grit and determination to get things right the first time and and my slap it together and see attitude,.. we get there in the end.
    happy to say that after the long hours in fabricating the acc bracktrey and getting it to all work... I have thought of a much simpler way to get the kick down cable to work, which involves no brackets to be made. Brackets for this would of been more of a nightmare to make, so I'm glad I awoke in the middle of the night with a better plan.

    Ps: Your right I am no artist but we like to have a bit of fun at Team Booger HQ. glad you enjoyed the bracket / car pic ...... beep beep