Sunday, 29 November 2009

Camp Quality Christmas Party

Today was the Camp Quality Christmas Party at Bribie Island, and for the third year in a row, the poor, long-suffering attendees had to put up with Damian as their MC!!

So while Damian's kids played on the giant jumping castle/slide thingy,

Damian was out the front (and sometimes down the back) with his trusty wireless microphone and run-sheet that changed constantly throughout the day!! (Hey, that's how Camp Quality rolls - start with a plan, then go with the flow!!)

Damian was even a good boy and got to sit on Santa's knee!!

One of the graduating camper's this year (turned 18 during the year, so is no longer eligible for Camp Quality) got a lift with Damian... turns out she was pretty darn tired on the way home!!

Meanwhile, Damian posed for a photo while hurtling down the Bruce Highway...

Many thanks to the volunteers who made the day a success... the feedback from the camp families and the families of the Camp Quality volunteers were that the day was awesome!!

There was also enough time to give Booger Mobile a plug (it's easy when Damian was the one with the microphone!!), and there are rumours of some more sponsorship to help the boys get Booger Mobile on the road, so watch this space!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a great place to hold the "CAMP QUALITY" Chrismas party.Shame about the weather, but Im sure everyone still had a whale of a time especially on the giant castle/ slide.
    With a great guy like Damian as MC, what more could you want.I am sure that he made everyones day with lots of laughter and smiles.
    The only one who didn t look happy was santa with a big Damian on his lap ( ha ha )
    You can tell that a wonderful day was had by all.
    Give Damian a mic no matter where he is theres sure to be some mention of the "BOOGER MOBILE"
    WOO HOO mores sponsers thats great.
    PS. loved all the pictures they really do tell the story of the great but tiring day had by all