Saturday, 5 December 2009

Painting, cleaning, ginning around!

Having gotten home from a christmas party much earlier than he had anticipated, Damian was up early and into the shed, installing the flash new carby bolts before Scottie arrived.

There was lots of running around to do, gauges to purchase etc, and since the front end parts hadn't arrived, the boys decided to do some incidental stuff, like remove the old column shift lever and continue working on the carby linkages.

Scottie sanded back the shifter pot, opting for the brushed alloy look.

One of Damian's boys decided to help out, doing a great job cleaning the springs ready for painting...

And here's one of the springs painted in the alternate green colour...

Meanwhile, Scottie taped up the steering column ready for painting...

Here it is, all painted up and ready to go. The funny part is that Scottie (after finishing) decided he really wasn't happy with how it had turned out... Damian likes it though!

After starting the engine to hear that sweet sound (and testing the newly installed oil pressure gauge - must mount that somewhere!), Damian decided that the sponsors who already have their stickers on Booger Mobile should get a bit of exposure...

In no particular order, here's Special K from WA, Complete Treatment Plan Services and ACTUM Consulting.

Cadist Consulting...

Jason Sheather Plumbing...

Blow-In Shopfitting...

Drift Bodyworx...

Not to forget those who havent provided their stickers yet... Acreage Driveways and CMK Financial Solutions.

Hopefully the front end parts will arrive during the week, so next weekend will be a flurry of activity!


  1. Well well well that would be a first,Damian up and working on the "BOOGER MOBILE" before Scottie arrived.Im sure you stoped and had a coffee with him when he arrived,with a busy day ahead you would have needed it.
    I must say the carby is looking real flash.
    There is always a lot of running around with a work in progress like the "BOOGER MOBILE" but all worth the effort for the end result.
    What an excellence cleaning job Damians son did,he really got stuck into it.The finished green springs tell the story.
    Great tapeing there Scottie,and I agree with you, the finish just doesn t look right and I wouldn t have been happy with it either.
    Ah yes the sweet sweet sound of the "BOOGER MOBILE" engine starting is a must.
    Always good to give all your sponsers a plug "well done"
    Well all in all looks like the guys had another succussful day working on the "BOOGER MOBILE" one step closer to the finish and what a classic "BOOGER MOBILE " will be then.
    Thank you Damian Scottie and not forgetting their little helper well done.

  2. Yep that green in that spot on the steering collum don't look right to me. I will paint the green bits of the collum with a silver/grey and see how it looks then. I will then decide weather to keep the brushed alloy part or paint that silver/grey also.