Monday, 14 December 2009

Meeting with secret sponsor... shhhhhhhhhh!!

Damian spent the morning having a very productive meeting with a secret sponsor... Lots was achieved, including collecting a couple of new sponsors (details to come as they become concrete), planning some fabulous fundraising activities for 2010, and collecting many helpful hints for preparing Booger Mobile!!

It's all very secret squirrel at the moment, but all will become apparent as time progresses...

Many thanks to the secret sponsor (and his staff) for taking time from their busy day to meet with Damian!

1 comment:

  1. WOO HOO opps shouldn t say it out to loud someone might hear.Couldn t be better news that that with all the work that you have been putting in to get things moving along. To finally hopefully have something concrete for the new year ,with fund raising plans ect.Can never have too many sponsers bring them on and we all can welcome them aboard the BOOGER MOBILE for CAMP QUALITY
    Hopefully now TEAM BOOGER MOBILE can sit back and enjoy their chrismas and new year with their families, knowing that all will be well for the new year ahead of them.