Sunday, 13 December 2009

Progress slow, patience thin...

Well, starting off the day, the boys have received an image from one of the blog followers, who suggested Booger Mobile deserved the following award:

Have to say, the boys tend to agree!! Unbiased, aren't they?

While Damian waited for Scottie to arrive, he finished painting the front springs.

And started to make sense of the bits and pieces that were supplied for the front end shenanigans!!

Just for a touch of colour, the front stabiliser bar has been painted in the alternate green colour - apart from the springs, all other suspension/front end components that have been painted are black... should be a nice contrast!!

The lower control arm bushes are meant to be pressed in and out - Damian found that they weren't that hard to remove!! Sadly, the upper control arm bushes are, so that was where that experiment ended... Damian will have to take the control arms to someone with a press and get the new bushes fitted...

The other bit of disappointment was that the supplied lower control arm ball joints aren't the same as the ones that were removed, so Damian will have to chase those up... also, there was only one set of inner and outer tie-rod-ends supplied - there should have been one set for each side!! Apart from that, all the other bits and pieces found happy homes...

Meanwhile, Scottie was busy removing the firewall padding and cardboardy stuff to make working on the accelerator cable/pedal setup easier.

Damian decided to make himself busy with commencing painting of the rims - there are six to be done, so he needs to get onto it!! The first test coat of the alternate green colour was uninspiring - the boys decided it needed a little something else to spice it up - but what???

Perhaps the rainbow look?

Naaaaaaaaah... How about a pink centre and silver rim to brighten things up?

Nope!! What about a blue centre?

The boys didn't think so!! What about silver?

Ewwwwwwwwwww... NO!!

In the end, the boys decided the only spicing up needed was the silver around the rim, just to break up the green colour a little...

While this was going on, Scottie continued to work on the custom accelerator arm/control mechanism...

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, several attempts, much welding, cutting, grinding and cursing, the bracket was finally ready!!

And with a coat of black paint, it looks just like a bought one!!! Great work as always, Scottie!!!!!

Here's the accelerator pedal fitted (but not yet bolted to the floor - baby steps!!)

And a close up of the bracket, where it pulls the accelerator cable through the firewall to get the petrol flowing in the carby!!

Always the artist, Scottie provided a glimpse into what the gauges might look like when mounted... here's the oil pressure gauge...

And of course, the first rim, after receiving the second coat of green paint... The silver around the edges needs to be completed, but the boys think you will agree that the colour choice is the best of the options trialled!!

Damian is meeting with some potential new sponsors on Monday, so hopefully there will be some more news on that front... With christmas upon us all, there probably won't be too much work done on Booger Mobile over the coming week or two, but rest assured that the blog will be updated every time there is!!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Booger Mobile innnnnnnnnnn SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! (Said with the voice of the Muppets "Pigs in Space" for best effect!!)

1 comment:

  1. Progress may be slow and your patience wearing thin, but with a lot of gusto you get stuck into the task ahead of you
    1)OUTSTANDING.yes the work you both have done so far is very outstanding.
    2)VERY IMPRESSIVE. the time and the effort that you both put in is very impressive.
    3)INSIPRING well say no more you have well and truely inspired me, thats why Im 100% behind you on your mission to get the BOOGER MOBILE to the "CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCarpaade.
    Put it all together and you come up with one word AWESOMENESS.Not a truer word spoken.
    Very nice paint job on those front springs.
    That a lot of fiddley looking parts, this goes with this and this goes with that, opps now where does this one go.Good luck with sorting that lot out.
    For a second there I thought you had a green grass snake hanging down your shed (ha ha).Thankfully it was only the front stabiliser bar.
    Parts being the wrong size or not usuable is always going to happen when you are doing up a Classic car like the great BOOGER MOBILE but Damian always seam to be able to sort something out or Scottie will just make up the part. (brackets ect)
    The section where Scottie had to remove all the fire wall padding ect, sure does look a mess but I know that Scottie will soon have it looking great again.
    I must say some of those test colours looked terrible but your final choise was the best one.
    When a bracket needs to be made Scottie is the best man to see and with a lot of skill its finished and looking brand new well done once again Scottie.
    Heres hoping that Damian meeting with the potential sponsers goes well, and we can soon give them a warm welcome aboard the BOOGER MOBILE.
    Well done Damian and Scottie even with so many ups and downs you both still keep working to complete the BOOGER MOBILE for the great cause of CAMP QUALITY.