Sunday, 27 December 2009

Scottie's on holidays, Damian's working unsupervised!!

Scottie is away on holidays with his family down the Gold Coast (great weather for it - NOT), so Damian has been working unsupervised in the shed on Booger Mobile...

He decided it would be good to get the front end back together, now that all the various bits and pieces have arrived, and are pressed in, cleaned, painted, whatever was required...

So, first up was the lower control arms... Damian unwraps the new lower control arm ball joint and places it onto the lower control arm... Regular blog readers may be familiar with the saga thus far with ball joints not being the correct type etc... These ones were collected especially, and visually, look identical to the original ball joints...

Of course, as has been the way all along with Booger Mobile, things aren't quite what they seemed... As you can see in the image below, five of the seven holes line up fine, but two don't!! Of course, which two are required to bolt on the front bar thingy (yes, that's the technical term) - one of the correct holes, and one that's not right!! OF COURSE!!

If you look closely, you can see the mark on the control arm going diagonally from the lower left hole to the upper right hole - that's where it connects!! Naturally, this will require some sort of adjustment...

As you can see, the hole needs to be drilled in a slightly different position - time to find someone with a you-beaut drill press capable of drilling this kind of steel!!

Putting the lower control arms aside, Damian moved onto the upper control arms... First, he bolted on the ball joints (which by some kind of miracle, actually fit!!)

Next came the spring saddles (which again, fit like bought ones!!)

Last but not least, Damian installed the upper control arms into Booger Mobile, remembering to install the shims front and rear as labelled (so that it sits somewhat correctly until the wheel alignment is performed). Here's the driver's side...

And here's the passenger side!

So that's about the extent of the work done tonight - oh, that and attempting to fit the new braided line for the oil pressure gauge that Scottie insisted is right, but it doesn't fit! Looks like the boys will need to get some sort of adapter for it, as the connector on the back of the gauge is far smaller than the connector on the braided line, so it's back to the shop they go!!

1 comment:

    Well if you must you must and time is ticking closer to the CAMP QUALITY 2010 esCarpade and Booger Mobile need to be back to her classic self before then.
    You have done an excellent job to date and I m quite sure that you will be able to handle most things that need doing, without the great Scottie while he is on holidays.
    Great plan to get the front end back together so thing can really move ahead.But oh not the on going sage again when will it end. They looked really perfect until you tried to match them up, but alas the hole don t all line up.Well with Damian being Damian he just took it in his stride and went ahead with the next task to be done.
    I have the drill and bit that you need but it just a bit too far for you to bring or send, but knowing Damian he more than likely knows someone who can get it done.
    Great Idea to move on to the next task and that that went all smoothly.
    Well you really made some good progess today, an excellent piece of work by you. Im sure that Scottie will be very impressed as am I. Well done Damian keep up the good work.
    PS.Great pictures as always