Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Lower control arms sorted... Pity about the gauges!!

It's been an interesting couple of days at Booger Mobile headquarters (aka Damian's shed). Regular reader's may recall the gauge saga... Well, Damian took a visit to the shop where the gauge was ordered from (and paid for), only to be told that the gauge doesn't even seem to have been ordered yet... *sigh* Hopefully it will arrive sometime before the esCarpade...

Next on the agenda was a visit by Malcolm from ACTUM Consulting (one of Team Booger Mobile's silver sponsors), who wanted to check out Booger Mobile in the flesh (well, the steel) while he was in Brisbane visiting his family for christmas...

After that, it was time to resolve the lower control arm ball joints - the ones where a couple of the holes didn't line up... Well, turns out that Damian's brother (Jason from Jason Sheather Plumbing - Team Booger Mobile's latest gold sponsor - watch for the official blurb in the near future) had just purchased a brand new set of you-beaut metal-drilling bits for his drill... So it was off to visit Jason with the control arms and ball joints in tow!!

First - attach the ball joint and line up the hole that was correct, ready to drill the hole out...

Action shot of the drilling process!!

Due to the nature of the hole to be drilled (basically it was halfway on the existing hole, making it very difficult to drill), as much as could be done with the drill was done, and Damian completed the holes by hand using a file (triangular... would have been better if it was round)!!

Damian laid out the bits to be installed, and got to work...

Here's the driver's side - upper and lower control arms and radius rod all installed!!

Next cab off the rank was the passenger side...

And through the magic of the interwebs, here it is all completed!! Note the creative use of the spanner on the left hand side of the upper control arm to hold it in place for the photo!!

Here's the passenger side again, as seen from the perspective of road kill!! Note the pretty red bushes (and ignore the beautiful dent in the sump - it just adds character Damian says)!!

Damian couldn't install the sway bar, as the bushes that are now available (of course) aren't quite the same size as the ones that used to be made, so he needs to adjust the size of the brackets - using an ANGLE GRINDER!!

Having cracked his head four times already while installing the lower control arms and radius rods, Damian figured that using power tools was out of the question until after he had a sleep!!

As you can see in the image below, Damian only needs to take a couple of millimetres off each side of the bracket... what could possibly go wrong????

As 2009 winds to a close, it's timely to reflect back on how far Booger Mobile has come over the past (almost) 11 months, and to commence panicking about how close the 2010 esCarpade is, and how the next 9 months are going to fly by!!

Damian and Scottie would like to thank everyone for their support throughout 2009, especially their sponsors (listed at right) and the many people who have donated money to Camp Quality to help the boys on their way to their $4500 minimum (over 1/3 of the way there now!!).

Lastly, a special thank you to the blog followers, and particularly those who add their comments (Kaye, the boys are looking at you!), as these really give the boys a great deal of encouragement - especially when the going gets a little tough...

Enjoy your new year's eve everyone - let's make 2010 the year of Booger Mobile!!

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  1. Well I dont think anyone would be surprised to hear that something had gone astray with a part for the BOOGER MOBILE.It seams to be an ongoing thing, with either a part being wrong or its the wrong size, but we know that we can count on Damian to sort it out quick smart.Im sure the parts will arrive soon(well lets hope so)and the BOOGER MOBILE will be well and truely ready in time for "CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade.
    Hope BOOGER MOBILE was on her best behaviour when Malcolm from one of her wonderful sponsorships ACTUM Consulting came to visit.
    What a welcome for Jason from Jason Sheather Plumbing, TEAM BOOGER MOBILES lastest "GOLD SPONSOR". Thown right into the thick of it, and coming to Damians rescue with the drill and bits that were needed to redrill some of the holes in the control arms for the BOOGER MOBILE.
    Clever bit of filing there to achieve the correct size holes in the arms and with the wrong shaped file. But it got the task completed and thats the main thing.
    Once again Damian you have achieved most of what you set out to do today and the BOOGER MOBILE is coming along in leaps and bounds and Scottie will be pleased with what you completed so far on your own.
    Very glad that you deceided to have some sleep before you picked up any power tools we wouldn t want you to end up with a missing finger or two. We all know your power tools handling skills aren t the greatest, and with no Scottie there to guide you anything could happen.
    How time has flown even though I was not there at the start of BOOGER MOBILE I feel as though I have been.It is a real pleasure to write my comments about how you two wonderful guys are doing something as great as building the BOOGER MOBILE to be at the "CAMP QUALITY" 2010 esCarpade. For the smiles on all the kids faces which is made possible by people like yourselves helping to raise funds for the great cause such as "CAMP QUALITY"
    I am but a drop in the ocean.
    I am looking forward to the year of the BOOGER MOBILE 2010.Will be a great year for TEAM BOOGER all your sponsers and followers.Not forgetting what it will bring to "CAMP QUALITY" as this is what we are all striving for.
    Wishing TEAM BOOGER all your sponsor and followers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.