Monday, 7 December 2009

Gauge Shenanigans...

Well, Damian was contacted by Autobarn to advise that the temperature gauge that had been ordered on the weekend (to replace the one that didn't have the right size connection) had arrived...

Damian trundled down there and collected it, only to find that the connection on there was too large (as per the original issue), and that the adapters that were included with the specially ordered part were all LARGER!!

Turns out the boys will need to use an electrical (rather than mechanical) temperature gauge... one has been ordered (after Damian checked the size of the connection on one of the same brand but different colour that was in stock).

Just another example of the luck to be had by Team Booger Mobile!!


  1. Well that it bad news isn t it, hope you can get it sorted out soon.
    Hopefully your luck will change for the better in the new year, and you soon have the "BOOGER MOBILE " on the road at last

  2. Hey guys ive heard some great news over here in Canada bout you and ur great work from my best friend kaye. Keep up the good work guys if and lots of luck in the new year to come.