Sunday, 4 July 2010

Granny Visor and Peep Mirrors!!

Kane from Kerbside Car Sound stopped by on Saturday evening to drop off his sticker for Booger Mobile, and while he was at it, he also dropped around some number plate surrounds... pretty cool aren't they??

Sunday morning rolled around, and Damian's first job was to stick on the Kerbside Car Sound sticker. This is where it's going!

Scottie wanted to drain the radiator in preparation for new radiator hoses and coolant, so he reversed Booger Mobile out onto the rocks...

Through the magic of the interwebs, the Kerbside Car Sound sticker was stuck on nicely!! In reality, Scottie and Damian had been on an extensive shopping trip to Autobarn to collect many and varied items while the sticker dried...

Purchased at the auto shop were a new fan belt, top and bottom radiator hoses, some peep mirrors (more about them later), coolant, and a few other odds and ends... Here's the new flexible top radiator hose looking resplendant!!

The bottom radiator hose needed around 25mm (1 inch in the old language!!) removed from one end to ensure a snug fit without bending the hose too far - the legacy of cooling a Ford 250 pre-crossflow engine with a Holden VS Commodore radiator!!

The coolant was expensive, and very, very green!! Apparently it will raise the boiling point of the water from 100C to around 130C, thereby keeping Booger Mobile much cooler!! Although how much cooler could Booger Mobile get????

Damian decided to do a nice walk around of Booger Mobile so that the sponsor stickers looked great... in no particular order, you can see the following sponsors in this photo - CMK Financial Solutions, Jason Sheather Plumbing, Lovells Springs and Kumho Tyres.

In this photo, you can see Aqualogical and Kumho Tyres.

This shot shows Kerbside Car Sound, Lovells Springs and Kumho Tyres (again!).

This shot you can see parts of the Jason Sheather Plumbing and Kerbside Car Sound stickers, and you can also see CMK Financial Solutions, Drift Bodyworx and Blow In Shopfitting.

Drift Bodyworx and Blow In Shopfitting are on the bonnet, with Jason Sheather Plumbing and Kerbside Car Sound making a guest appearance in this photo!!

At the back, you can just make out Cadist Consulting at the top of the rear window, along with Special K from WA, Complete Treatment Plant Services and Actum Consulting.

You can read more about Team Booger Mobile's sponsors by following the links on the right, and if you need products/services that one of Team Booger Mobile's sponsors provide, then please support the companies who have supported Team Booger Mobile!!

After attaching the hoses and filling the radiator, Booger Mobile was moved back into the shed to have the Granny Visor attached!

Here it is, sitting in place waiting to be bolted on...

And a nice close up...

After that it was time to attach the newly purchased "peep mirrors". These will apparently "bolt straight on in a variety of positions/locations"... Yeah right!!

After much trial and error, a few more chips in the paint (that Scottie will have to fix up!) and a little bit of eye rolling from the boys, it was decided to adjust the peep mirror bracket (thus voiding the warranty)... Out with the trusty angle grinder!!

Again through the magic of the interwebs, the passenger side peep mirror was now attached!!

They look awesome, but aren't that flash for seeing behind the car - probably why they are called "peep" mirrors, not "wow, look at that expansive view behind the car" mirrors...

You can see in this shot that Damian had put a couple of extra screws into the Granny Visor for added security...

After installing the driver's side peep mirror, Scottie was testing it out when Damian decided to take a photo... the result speaks for itself!!

With the afternoon nearly gone, there was time for just a couple of minor jobs before it was time for Scottie to head home... First up - removing the un-needed bracket from the bottom of the air cleaner so that it wasn't catching on the choke cable...

And lastly, bending the indicator switch arm so that there was more room between the steering wheel and the indicator switch arm. First of all, Scottie was using a rag to try to protect the paint...

After finding this to be less than optimal, he dispensed with the rag and just used the vice grips on their own!!

This put a nice bend in the indicator switch arm, but ruined the paintwork in the process... fixing the paint will be a job for another weekend!!

That brought to a close another exciting weekend of Boogerising around... with the esCarpade a little over 3 months away, the boys are really getting to the pointy end of the build... rego is dangerously close, but so is the esCarpade!!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Building Up Booger Mobiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile!! (to the tune of Pigs in Space!!)

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  1. GRANNY VISOR, PEEP ( a boo )MIRRORS and not forgetting the fantastic number plate surrounds that Kane from Kerbside Car Sound had dropped by with on saturday. They will look great on the Booger Mobile won't they? The Kerbside Car Sound sponsor sticker looks great and the black make it really stand out.
    It is really good now you can just drive the Booger Mobile in and out of the shed, sure beats huffing and puffing to push it out and then back in again.
    Always good to get in a trip to Autobarn when the opportunity arises, you just have to take it,especially when there are so many things to buy to get the Booger Mobile all shipshape.Hope you brought extra hoses and fan belts because you will need to have them while on the Camp Quality 2010 esCarpade.
    Wow what a great colour the coolant used for Booger Mobile is, and nothings too good for the Booger Mobile.What an impressive run down on your many great sponsors, well done.
    What a difference the Granny Visor makes to the Booger Mobile such a classic.
    The peep (a boo) mirrors look great, and what a laugh I had at the picture of Scottie in the drivers side mirror.
    With so much done , an still so more to be done the days work must come to an end.But the awesome Damian and Scottie will not fail, as they will be back next sunday(SUNDAY SUNDAY BOOGER SUNDAY)finishing more on the Booger Mobile, for they are doing it for the kids, so don t even think that BOOGER won t be ready and rearing to go in the Camp Quality 2010 esCarpade.
    Wonderful picture again Damian, and well done on a great days work, Scottie and Damian "THANK YOU"